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    The Worse and Most Shameful "Quick Fixes"

    Anyone ever need to fix a broken piece of kit in a hury or cheaply? I know I did! Here's a pic from when the snare strainer on my snare broke. I use 42 strand snares, so to keep them tight, the strainer need to be tight as hell, unfortunately, this slowly wore the thread on the tightening...
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    Drum Cover!

    Hey guys this the first cover i recorded, I know I messed up half way through, but appart from that, what do you think?
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    Pedal recommendations?

    So I'v been using the pedal that came with my kit ever since I bought it, its a Mapex pedal. I can do stuff most people need to use a double pedal for eg triplets and blast beats on it.. So I'm wondering, is it worth it getting a better pedal? Im hesitating between the following: -Iron Cobra...
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    Deep bass drum sound

    Hey guys, I own a 24" bass drum and would like to get rid of that "thump" sound and get a more mass heavy bass drum sound, what heads would you recommend? A sort of bonham sound if you know what i mean. Also, what would be the difference between a ported vs non ported drumhead in therms of sound?