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    Question for bar-band folks, re some song choices

    La Bamba-Ritchie Valens Rocking in the USA-Neil Young Oye Como Va-Santana Keep Your Hands to Yourself-Georgia Satellites Roadhouse Blues-Doors Smooth-Santana
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    Why do you Play?

    The joy of noise! :cool: All the reason you need. :giggle:
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    Drumming Upper Limb Injury Survey - via surveymonkey

    Did seem to be rather brief.
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    Kick drum head opinions

    I use Remo Powerstroke 3 Fiberskyn Diplomat Felt Tone Bass Drumhead - 24" and find them to keep the low end very well.
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    How did you pick your favorite sticks?

    My go to for a while now has been the Vic Firth 5B freestyle. I like the extra length on them. I also use the Gavin Harrison model and Questlove model from time to time.
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    Hi Hats with greatest crispest "bark" possible?

    I have a set of Soultone extreme 15" that I really like. They are crisp. Also and I know you said you did not want to go below 13" but I also have a set of Zildjian 12" special recording hats that I find fantastic. Take a look and see if either might be in your wheelhouse in the coming days...
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    Happy Birthday Bermuda

    Happy Belated Birthday lad.
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    Pearl vision ranking.

    I have a set of Visions and have no complaints about them at all. Have had them since 2012 with no issues.
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    Fired for COVID/ Age

    Sorry that happened. If everyone in our band over 60 were fired we would have no band. Come to think of it our youngest player may be 60. To sad for them and if they were to come back asking you to play again the answer should be a big No!
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    What's your latest purchase?

    My latest is a 14 in fast crash. Should work well with my 12 in hats and a 15 in crash. Strange I like big drums and smaller cymbals.
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    New Pearl Masterworks Drum Set Comparison - 4 Kits Head to Head!

    I really liked the Maple/Gum set. Great comparison video for sure. Like was said above that green shimmer is terrible.
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    Ever regret selling something?

    60's era Gretsch 4 piece in Blue Sparkle.
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    Easy pre-beginner song?

    Cotton Fields Credence Clearwater Revival
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    What Songs Do Audiences React Best To ?

    Roadhouse Blues Rocking in the USA Oye Como Va La Bamba Keep your hands to yourself Smooth Take the Highway Tell Mama
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    Who are the top three drummers you admire and why ?

    Gene Krupa Ringo Starr Gavin Harrison First two were my inspiration to play. Gavin rekindled the fire for me.