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    Recommend med-weight snare stand for 15” drum

    Agreed - great stand for the money, & I've accommodated a 15" snare on one before. Easily works with wood hoops on 14" snares too. 15" with wood hoops might be a stretch. All that said, buy a Yamaha SS950, & never need to buy a snare stand again.
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    Yikes...Joey Jordison passed away...

    Terrible outcome for someone so talented & so young.
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    Returning to gigging... how are your experiences?

    That sounds amazing!!! Something I've never done, but would love to. My first gig back was a few weeks ago - still under previous restrictions. We turned up with modest expectations as restriction impact would likely kill the vibe, but to our surprise, the festival had cut a deal based on a...
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    Returning to gigging... how are your experiences?

    The toughest of losses - sorry to hear of this. Try to take some time out for yourself & your thoughts.
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    The most difficult musical challenge I've ever had was last night!

    Not an easy one to step straight in to. Great job Larry :)
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    Gear red flag - Update!

    Thanks :) Yes, things usually fall into line eventually if you stick at it with a degree of focus & realism, but there's the inevitable falling apart process that precedes it :( In our case, the transition has been very cordial & professional this time around. That's not always the case.
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    Gear red flag - Update!

    After trawling through multiple applicants, & 5 shortlist auditions, we've found our guy 🥳 All at the auditions were very good players, but as always, you way up the inevitable plus & minus points. We've ended up with a superb & hugely experienced player who delivers excellent harmony vocals...
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    Brits, Beer and Football

    One small ray of light in an otherwise disgraceful display of national lack of brain cells.
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    Brits, Beer and Football

    They have people stupid enough to employ them? Scumbags the lot of them. Don't even get me started on the free pass football events seem to have got over performing arts. Someone's on the take somewhere :mad:
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    She's Back!!!

    I like that too :)
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    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    I doubt there's a correlation ;)
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    30” subwoofers

    My kind of thing :) They'll be delicious, but slow.
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    Returning to drumming after nearly two years

    Certainly requires a snap & energy that's difficult to muster from a standing start - lots of coffee?
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    Returning to drumming after nearly two years

    Fabulous news, & absolutely aligned priorities too :) You'll walk it with a huge smile!
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    Back in the saddle (throne) again!

    Everyone's always got a tempo opinion ;)