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    Drum set finish - yea or nay?

    Deconstructed Spongebob Squarepants? Would look great on a South American carnival parade samba float, but I'm strangely short on those bookings this year ;)
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    Smokin - Boston: Drum Cover

    Loved that - right up my street!!!!!
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    Rhythmic concepts and left-foot clave

    I think my brain exploded! Toms are sounding lovely Alain :)
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    The most beautiful drum shells finishes

    I've always been a fan of natural wood finishes + traditional hand rubbed & spirited shellac. Never stained, just the beauty of the wood species, but it is a lot of work. Examples shown here in flat satin - full gloss progression. Flat satin walnut Satin ovangkol Semi gloss padauk...
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    What's better

    Have you ever stopped to appreciate, the only reason you get to enjoy coasting down the hill, is because you struggled to get up the hill in the first place? ;)
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    What's better

    I'm not sure I agree with that Larry. Of course, in isolation, it's not as "technique building" as defined exercises, but I feel I progress as a player every time, especially in a band setting. As for practice for improvement, it's not something I do - certainly not exercises. I only really...
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    Looking forward to a heavy rain...for once.

    Wow - quite the story, & props to you for perseverance! I've never owned a property with a cellar, so have no experience to relate to. Living on the top of a hill, we have no standing water threat either, but being high up in the lee of mountains, we do have serious runoff volumes to deal with...
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    Trying to get funky.

    Not only is your enjoyment of paramount importance, it also comes across in the video = enjoyable watch :)
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    Are YouTube videos helping to create an ADD society?

    Doggyd69b, your opinions are clear enough without the need for harsh reinforcement. Multiple posts removed, & thread has run it's course.
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    Trying to get funky.

    The rattle / buzz is a dead giveaway :) Seriously, I love your top end of the kit playing. Lots of lovely flow & texture. Still encouraging you to half the number of bass drum notes & really dig in with aplomb to get that bottom end pulse :)
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    Trying to get funky.

    Great fun! Leaves tuning key on snare in case of loss ;)
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    Negative effects of positive feedback.

    Only very very rarely do I receive compliments about my playing from drummers at a gig. Maybe there's a message right there in itself! I do receive regular compliments on the band performance from the full spectrum of audience members though, & whilst not especially helpful for personal...
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    Great art comes from great pain

    I believe great art can also come from great joy :)
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    Positive effects of negative feedback

    Agreed, but only when backed up with a positive alternative.
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    Walk the Dinosaur - Funky Fun Friday

    I thought it was impossible to not like Was not Was stuff :) Thank you!