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    Is the secondhand market as slow as it is because of the lockdowns??

    As a general observation, and as evidenced by my other business activities, many raw material prices have increased, as has shipping, but it's not just gross costs that are pushing stuff up. Those who's business model is to fill a container & import (often cheaper merchandise) are now not only...
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    UK members: Sonor SQ2 advice

    I just messaged my good friend who manages Drum One. Of course, Nicko fell out with Sonor a while back, so not helpful, but if you ask for Phil Westwood, he'll help you & he's a really good guy.
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    Are you performing with a facemask?

    Our band has made a clear decision to not play indoors this year. What's left of our gig calendar are outdoor gigs starting mid next month. There is no mask mandate in place for the first gig, but capacity is reduced. I'm fully vaccinated, but will wear an N99 / FFP3 mask when not...
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    When do you retire a pair of sticks? (No breaks)

    The only time I break sticks is at gigs. Not very often, but it does happen, usually due to over exuberance / poor technique. In all other scenarios, it's chipped tips that decide fate. I have no issue creating new used pairs. My simple playing doesn't necessitate finely tuned anything.
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    Amazon die cast ripoff drum hoop warning

    The die cast bit is obviously wrong, but they mention plating (which I'm guessing was the zinc reference), and made of iron (which they're not). To me, this is more from a place of total drum part / materials / process ignorance than a real attempt at fraud.
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    Amazon die cast ripoff drum hoop warning

    Remember that die cast is a very broad process description. It says nothing about the quality of material used, or indeed the quality of the production process.
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    Refinishing a stained kit

    Larry, every option requires care & process. With the veneer option, you arguably have more control / certainty, and a birch veneer will come close to replicating the original build.
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    This is going to sound horrible but...

    Too complex for our stuff, & there's the small matter of the commute ;) Nice playing!!!!!
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    Rhumbagirl's Grooves

    I don't think I dare significantly alter my playing orientation, especially snare angle. Ok, I can play almost any setup, but I transition in & out of rimshot so much in what I do, positioning is instinctive / muscle memory burnt into my hard drive.
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    Rhumbagirl's Grooves

    I like the groove very much.
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    Gear red flag.

    In related news, it seems our bassist search announcement has attracted some - ahem - interesting characters 😬
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    I'm too loud...aparently

    I know of a (70's era Brit - think Sex Pistols) punk band who played a wake. Punks are getting old! Fairly commonplace for 70's / 80's era rock bands to play corporate & wedding gigs these days too :cool:
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    Who’s to blame?

    Insufficiently packaged (by any standard). Courier won't even look at it. You might get a reaction from leaving bad feedback. That's about as far as I'd take it.
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    Gear red flag.

    & there you have it! A fairly significant minority;) Website in my signature, specific video page
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    Gear red flag.

    Absolutely, with a big chunk of insecurity thrown in ;)