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    Mounted Tom Suspension Mounts

    I'm looking to get suspension mounts for 10" and 12" mounted toms for my Pork Pie kit. I've looked into a few different brands, including the Gibraltars, Cannon Suspenderz brand, as well as the DW rims mount. I was curious on any feedback that anyone had about the above mentioned brands? I...
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    Pork Pie Kit - Yay or Nay?

    At the music shop I work at, we have a new-old stock Pork Pie kit that we've had since '04 that I've kept my eye on (casually) for a while now. After playing a friend's pork pie kit last night, I decided to set it up in store and play it today before a drum lesson and was very, very pleased with...
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    Los Cabos Drumsticks

    Hi, I picked up a pair of Los Cabos 8A Red Hickory series drumsticks this weekend free from a friend's shop. I also work at a shop in Greensboro, and am somewhat interested in picking up Los Cabos as a third line of drumsticks in addition to Pro-Mark and Zildjian. Anyone have any experience...
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    EC2 Coated / Clear Blow outs

    Hi all, Just a heads up that Evans has officially discontinued the old version of the Coated and Clear EC2's (Heads without the SST markings), and as a result most local music stores should receive a credit from Evans if they have any left in stock, ergo they can blow them out. I say all this...
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    Camber T-Tops?

    The music shop I work at transferred a lot of the new old stock from a recently closed location today, and I found two 2-packs of "Camber T-Tops." From what I have found online, they replace the wing nuts commonly used to hold cymbals on, but other than that I didn't find anything on them. I'm...
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    Steal of the week?

    I had a friend's band pick up a Truth Endorsement, which led to him selling his old rig. They're going out touring last month, and had some last minute expenses needed to make ends meet, and he sold all his old gear for dirt cheap. I ended up buying it from him earlier yesterday evening, all...
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    ddrum Distributors?

    Looking into picking up a ddrum Dios STN shell pack over a Ludwig Centennial (I prefer the Birch/Aspen to the Maple). Only problem is, the music store I work at isn't a ddrum dealer. Just curious if anyone had any idea on if ddrum distributes through any other companies, or if they're a direct...
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    Help ID-ing Tama Steel Piccolo

    Just took in a Tama steel piccolo on repair at the store, and I've never seen anything like it. It's a 3x14" Tama Steel Piccolo. It has a the Tama tag and serial on it (105986). I cannot find anything like it online, and it's got a lug holder pattern I have never seen. It's an off-set with lugs...
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    Originals with an old metal band

    Here's a couple videos of me playing a gig with an old metal band of mine called Seizing Perfection. Videos were taken at CafeJAM in Greensboro NC, taken July 25th 2008.
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    Any ddrum players out there?

    I've been browsing the forums for a few weeks now and I finally got around to snapping some good shots of my kit. I'm still in a transitionary phase as far as set-up goes, but for the most part it's pretty consistent. Ddrum Diatribe with 24"x18" kick, discontinued the week after I bought it...
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    New snare drum - horror story included.

    Hey guys. I took my snare into work the other day to show one of the other drum-tech's from one of our other locations. Anyways, I was leaving and set my snare drum down on the roof of my car for a second. I then proceeded to put everything else in my car, get in and drive off.....with my snare...
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    Ddrum Resonant Head?

    Hello all, new to the forums and this sub-forum seemed most appropriate to the question I had. Anyways, the coated resonant head on the 24" kick on my ddrum Diatribe kit has gotten rather scratched and is beginning to wear out (Due to lack of gig bags) and I've looked into Aquarian / Evans /...