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    What’s YOUR go-to for getting a good kick drum sound for rock, country, etc.?

    Here's a video by Jim Riley of Rascal Flats talking about Kicker,
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    Bass Drum Dampening

    Do you really think artists like Peter Erskine, Jerry Marotta, Shane Gaalaas, Nir Z, Paul Wertico, Pete Merriweather and drum techs like Harry McCarthy of Drum Paradise Nashville would send pictures of them holding the actual product and provide a quote if they didn't actually use the product...
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    Bass Drum Dampening

    . Actually, this is the fourth version of this product which was invented by the Croatian Company, Sonitus, about 6 years ago. Sonitus is an acoustical treatment manufacturer that has been working with advanced foam products and factories in Eastern Europe for years. Their CEO is also a...