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    My Custom Green Sparkle Kit

    I did find this, looks worthy of some playing around:
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    14x8 Ludwig Black Magic Snare

    The Black Magic snares are great return on investment. Those 8"s look especially tasty. Enjoy!
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    DW 3002 double bass pedal, PDP 800 series hi-hat or DW 6000 flatbase hi-hat on my own kit. DW 5000 and Pearl Eliminator hi-hat at church.
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    Returning to gigging... how are your experiences?

    I was fortunate enough to have a very steady gig playing drums at a church that was livestreaming services during the pandemic. That allowed me to keep in fighting trim. I also managed several practices and three livestream concerts with my two bands over the last eighteen months, all done in...
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    Strange hammering

    The hammering looks like that used on the Zildjian Scimitar series, the precursor to the ZBT series - a beginner B20 line. The line came out in the 80's and was replaced by the ZBTs in the mid-90s. The cymbals were rather bright and one-dimensional. But if you like yours have at it!
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    Nice set, beater set, which goes where?

    For many years, my Stage Custom *was* my pride and joy, but also was my only kit, so it did everything and went everywhere. When I got my vintage Ludwigs, they were in serious player-grade condition, but because of the pedigree I never thought of them as a 'beater' kit. They do most of the work...
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    4 piece snare to mount tom ratio

    I currently play a 4 piece but with a timbale on the left side. The snare is often lower pitched than the timbale but never pitched lower than the rack tom. Having said that, I used to play much larger kits with 8" and 10" toms (and a 6" at one point) and going from the snare to any of those...
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    How do you tune your bass drum reso head?

    I keep mine medium loose, just enough to get some tone out of the head if the muffling isn't touching it. This gives me options for different styles and rooms.
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    Should I buy this snare I want but don’t need?

    My opinion is, if you have to ask the question of complete strangers on the internet, you've already got enough desire to buy and now you're just asking for people to agree with you to create cognitive resonance. Just go get it and tell us how much you love it.
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    Small quiet-ish home setup?

    I also own a Multi-12 and a couple of external pads, plus hi-hat and kick pedals. I thought I'd try the same thing to play at home and do some recording. The experience was terrible. It feels nothing like a real kit to play or listen to, it's super awkward and uncomfortable to play, and the net...
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    Performing and being asked to push back as far as you can

    This goes in a couple of different directions. Some of the venues I play locally, and probably will play again, have rather small stage spaces. In fact, a place we used to play until it got sold last year, called "The Vogue" was our measurement reference because of its famously small dimensions...
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    Tambourine mount suggestions

    Most tambourines (and mountable percussion items) come with one of two tightening systems: The "push" (where a wingbolt simply is tightened against the vertical rod the item is mounted on) or the "pull" where the wingnut pulls an eyebolt tight against the mounting rod). I find that the "pull"...
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    Do You Hold On To Stuff You're Not Using?

    I have two drumsets. Even though I don't often use the second one, it's there if my #1 kit is parked someplace like a theater or studio long-term. I have three snares, two of which get heavy use and the third of which I keep for specific sounds and situations. Out of fifteen or twenty cymbals I...
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    Drum Stools

    I agree with all of the above. My 'cheaper' throne is a Gibraltar 9600 series two-tone throne. They're currently about $175 but I got mine on sale around a holiday for about $110. My 'stay at home' throne is a Roc n Soc Lunar Nitro, which is twice as comfortable but hard to take anywhere...
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    Drumming Gloves are useless

    For a brief period about fifteen years ago I wore them to avoid blisters and improve grip. Within a week's worth of gigs I had worn a hole right through the right glove in two places at the pivot points. My grip felt great in them, but they just didn't hold up any other way to actual playing.