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    Help me out here

    My tastes are definitely evolving and the cymbal sounds I hear in my head now aren't very similar to even 10 years ago. I'm totally turning towards a darker, trashier sound. If that means moving to another company, then so be it. I ended up shelving my beloved original K Custom after almost...
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    Live stream recording for your perusal

    Thanks! We're all pretty happy about how it came out. This same band will be doing another live set in the beginning of June... so far away I know! Gonna do a Leonard Cohen cover and a new original in a punk-pop feel.
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    Any PC Gamers?? Anyone here use discord??

    I actually stream on Twitch, and use Discord quite a lot for in-game chat and social networking. My primary game is PUBG, but I play Apex, Among Us, Wreckfest, and a few others regularly. My channel is, come drop me a follow if you like!
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    Toms: bass drum mount vs. stand mount

    For years I mounted my rack toms on a stand to the left of the bass drum, and used the mount on the bass drum for my ride boom. I mean, if you REALLY want to get weird about it... My Ludwig Standards' original bass drum mount doesn't fit anything I own and I don't particularly want to put a new...
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    Does anybody endorse peace drums?

    Many moons ago I owned a Peace steel piccolo snare. 3.5 x 14 with 12 (!) lugs a side. I bought it in the 90s when all the alt-rock guys were playing piccolos that cut though sludgy detuned guitars. I traded it to a young drummer who has looking for that sound, in exchange for my aluminium Ludwig...
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    Carrying stands, pedals and other PITAs

    Yes, but (and this is a huge but for me) I have a very bad back and lifting more than 2-3 stands at a time is highly unlikely. I couldn't make one of those bags work for me at all.
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    Carrying stands, pedals and other PITAs

    For several years now I've loaded in and out using one of these $50-60 collapsible wagons. Just picked up a new one this year from Target. Because they're open top, your taller stands can poke out the front or back with little drama. (I do tend to play a lot of gigs out of doors with few stairs...
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    Please recommend drum heads

    Yes, for the resos only. Ambassadors won't hold up as batters on heavier playing. I recommend a thick one-ply or two-ply batter over a medium one-ply reso for almost everyone. The exception would be a low-volume or orchestral player. I use Evans G2s or G14s over G1 resonants. Emperors over...
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    Please recommend drum heads

    I'm the sort of guy who would take your thread title literally ... "Yes! I *absolutely* recommend drum heads! they make the drums sound a LOT better than without!" :ROFLMAO: Back to your question: I think the batters you chose would be great. You might want to look at some other snare heads...
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    Live stream recording for your perusal

    Good call on Gypsy Kings. We used to play a cover of their version of "Hotel California" and that's essentially the exact same part I use on "Desde Medianoche".
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    Live stream recording for your perusal

    Thanks Andy. Yeah, I wasn't 100% happy with the entire mix, especially in my in-ears (I never had enough bass), but the sound you hear on this recording may be as much due to limitations in Facebook's video player as it is to the mix. Heaven knows I was poking that thing like it owed me money...
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    Live stream recording for your perusal

    My original singer-songwriter band (actually, like the twentieth iteration of it) did a live stream concert last night. I think overall it came out pretty well, even though my hands had a a LOT of dumb through the show. This is an unplugged set with a few rockers, a few slow songs, a few cover...
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    Do you control your own stage mix?

    I'm using one of these at church and it's a very nice little interface. The sound quality is chef's kiss too. On band gigs I use a small Yamaha 8-channel mixer for in-ear mixes. I wouldn't ever go back to a wedge given a choice, and if a system has the capability of running a line out to a...
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    Lighter duty 2 legged HiHat Stand

    I've owned an earlier version of this stand since 2007 and used it at hundreds of gigs. Solid, dependable choice.
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    Ever mount a small mixer to a drum stand? Show me pics! :)

    I use an extra snare stand for my small Yamaha mixer.