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    Efficient practice tips?

    Wonderful and beneficial tips by Ted MacKenzie. It will helps you a lot.
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    Carter Mclean

    Carter mclean is a great drummer and he also plays tabla, guitar, bass and piano.
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    Female drummers

    All the 5 female drummers are awesome, but cindy blackman are outstanding among them.
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    The 10 Best Singing Drummers In Rock History (Article)

    List of these 10 drummers are really great.
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    320 bpm Single strokes for a minute!

    Hello Arjun, It's great. Your are too fast.
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    Soloing in 3/4 - You Rang?

    It's an extremely an outstanding solo drummer.
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    Nate Smith is Amazing

    He is most talented and started career only when he is just at 16.
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    Jonathan Moffett

    Jonathan Moffett is a great and most popular drummer all time.
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    Identify drum beat

    The clash - Bankrobber is a superb video .
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    How much does stick size affect the ability to play fast?

    Yes, stick size matters. It allows us to get into a position to generate power. Many professional drummers love the thickness of a 5B in the hand.
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    Help with stick control again

    I appreciate for your efforts. You should play exercise B in my opinion.
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    Jas Kayser

    Jas Kayser is young and most talented drummer, composer, band leader and Paiste Cymbals and Natal Drums artist. These 3 videos are superb.
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    Winard Harper

    Winard Harper is superb and most talented drummer. I love to listen him.
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    I hear to these drummers: John Bonham Neil Peart Keith Moon Ginger Baker Hal Blaine Buddy Rich Gene Krupa Benny Benjamin Mitch Mitchell Stewart Copeland