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    Gerry Brown Here!

    Yes, those are great records, many of them were done when Gerry lived in Europe, mostly in Holland (the ones you mentioned), but he did a lot in Germany too because he spent much time there as well. Gerry is an amazing player and fantastic guy, I love Gerry. In the 70´s, when he became popular...
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    Odd, Rare, Super-Advanced, Drum Books

    Most of the methods mentioned are from USA, there are tons of methods from other countries, many of them completly different than Americans and ultra advanced. EVERY country has drum methods, just think about that...and i´m not talking just Europe, even every "thrird world" country has...
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    Jim Chapin: Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer

    Jim´s book was much earlier (1948 I think) and the most complete thing on the subject for several decades. Joel Rothman books are really great too, he is more a 70´s guy, Jim is a 40´s guy (like Wilcoxon¨s, Podemski´s, etc), Joel keeps making NEW books till today (he is about 82 I think), very...
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    Find a Drum Teacher Here

    Alex Sanguinetti Lessons - Valencia, Spain (España) Please watch the VIDEOS at the website! (Mira los VIDEOS del sitio web!) NAME (Nombre): Alex Sanguinetti COVERAGE AREA: Valencia, Spain (España) - WORLDWIDE with SKYPE VENUE (Direccion): I teach at my studio in Valencia city, in El...
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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    More on-line drum lessons... Here fragment of a 12-bar blues drum solo, what you hear is 4 bars intro and 12 of solo ending EXACTLY on the first beat of measure 1 (of the next 12), and then continuing with a little time playing ... If you can´t follow it just sing a blues in your mind while I...
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    "Gospel Chops"...I just don't get it.................

    Fragment of a 12-bar blues solo I recorded but which I did not finally include in the recording. What you hear is 4 bars intro and 12 of solo ending EXACTLY on the first beat of measure 1 (of the next 12), and then continuing with a little rhythm ...
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    Drummerworld forum mood/climate

    BruceW, I¨m not troll, and I answer Channing when he posted also that because others (not all, some) were telling her to change "this and that", and my answer also was related with that, that probably (she provided no video) she didn´t have to change anything (therefore the : "there is nothing...
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    Drummerworld forum mood/climate

    Well there is the original message I posted, I don´t read anything offensive. Who knows what you mean with what I say privately you can also might have mistaken that or make that up (like the fake quoting), sorry, now i feel obligated to repeat that. i don´t really understand how can you...
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    Drummerworld forum mood/climate

    I was before answering to the original post (the first line), do you really want me to answer to all this? (in black) Best regards!
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    Drummerworld forum mood/climate

    First thing, you make up the quoting (proved with the real quoting). Second, no, I was trying to say, translated from Spanish, that you were not doing anything wrong (that was intended with those words), that you just needed more time to develop to reach that speed, which is stated on the other...
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    Drummerworld forum mood/climate

    I have not answered anyone, until this point because i stop like the owner of the site suggested (the other guy continue there and even opened a new thread about it), but decided to answer to you to show how unaccurate you also could be, I have to say surprised me IN YOU (not in the others). So...
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    Help Needed!!

    To Timmdrum, I´m a foreigner (contacting you from Spain) who writes and talks in 5 languajes all as bad as English, so I hope that answers you. It doesn´t bug me you said I write with mistakes or badly, it is a reality, the same as it is a reality you know VERY LITTLE about music theory, and...
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    I have nothing against Drum Workshop Drums, I¨m not interested in gear talk either...but: Do you think that is something a developed mind would write?...
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    Help Needed!!

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    Help Needed!!

    I put the haha because i don¨t want to sound so hard, do you doubt it is sincere? I go even beyond that, do you doubt it is true what I say?