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    Newly Restored 1970s African Mahogany/Birch Premier Kit

    Mate, I just wanna get on those amazing tubs and smash’em! Proper job! :D (y)
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    The 252’s were beasts. I played a pair of 1990’s 253’s (chain drive) for a good 10 years! Gigged the heck out of them and they were as good as new when I sold them! :D (y)
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    nervous about the first drum lesson

    I studied with Eric from the age of 16 to 19. We became great friends over the course of the next 29 years. We lost him last year aged 86, the legend was still gigging up until lockdown in March 2020. I hope you find your ‘Eric’! Keep smashing it mate. (y) :)
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    Three or Four Hours

    I used to do 8 hour rehearsals with a band when I was in my 20’s and we’d have a break of 30-40 minutes for lunch. It was the real deal. We didn’t do stimulants or partying and we were all perfectionists who loved what we were doing and creating. That’s in complete contrast to your...
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    nervous about the first drum lesson

    I had a similar experience when I was 13. My music teacher recognised that I had a natural ability to play drums and suggested I take lessons with a guy who helped out the school on trombone (!) and percussion. The guy turned out to be a complete @rse, and got angry with me because I couldn’t...
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    Stolen Drums

    Looks like the the thief was a Paiste guy…they’ve had away with the 12” Paiste combo crisp hats… :unsure:
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    First Time Testing My Rig

    Sounding great mate! :D (y)
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    Thoughts on Phil Collins

    Yup! (y) :D
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    Hitting the road

    Smash it mate! :D 🤟
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    Have you got the carry cases? They’re awesome! :D (y) Me too! Absolute joy straight out of the box!:D(y)
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    Tama Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide for me…best pedals I’ve ever played! :) (y)
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    Joey Jordison

    Damn, 46 is no age…as can be seen above the guy left his mark on the drumming community. Really sorry to hear of his death. :(
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    Aqua Satin Flame Rewrap!

    I think they look amazing…nice work mate! :D (y)
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    1996 Premier Genista turquoise Green.

    Absolutely stunning mate!:love: (y)
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    Immediate upgrades/hacks for a 90's Pearl Export?

    Like the guys said above, nice new heads and a spring clean for starters. After that it’s a question of how far you want to take it. This is an ideal kit to hone your wrapping skills, and if you can adapt the kit more to your liking you’ll enjoy playing it even more! Enjoy it mate! :D (y)