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    I picked up this beauty for less than £100...Prem APK COS 14x6.5; needed some work to get it like this (new hoops, wires, heads and a full strip, clean, and polish) but it’s an absolute beast and will rip your head off!! (y):p
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Nicely done mate... (y) :cool:
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    Ordered a Low-Boy Leather bass drum beater

    I’ve never seen one of these before, would be interested to know what they’re like... 🤔
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    Up Yours 2020

    What’s your view on pears and other obnoxious fruits? 🤔
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    The sound of the drum is within the heads

    100% this. (y) :)
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    I know what you mean. The thing is, if you can afford a high end drum that has the sound you love but also has additional aesthetic qualities, expensive materials, attention to detail, build quality, flawless hardware, and a look you can’t take your eyes off, why wouldn’t you? I bought my...
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    ghost notes

    Listen to Rod... (y) :cool:
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Stunning mate! Enjoy!! (y) :cool:
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    The groove comes from the guitar player, the keyboard player or both...

    A nice beat displacement done tastefully in the right place can really add an exciting dramatic twist to the groove... (y) :)
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    Wuhan crash cymbals as hi hats.....?????

    Why wouldn’t you do it? 🤔 (y):)
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    Odd things you've done while drumming

    I love the way you phrased that! 😂 😂😂
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    Preferred retailer?

    I couldn’t choose between ‘em. I’ve bought drums, hoops, heads, sticks, bags, cases etc from all of them and they all offer amazing customer service...highly recommended! (y) :)
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    ghost notes

    Beat down is the “Ghostbuster”... (y) :cool:
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    Preferred retailer?

    Errr, yeah? 😂
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    Preferred retailer?

    Here in the UK my go to stores are Rattle&DrumMusic (Derby), Drumshack (London), Rockem Music (Rotherham), and GAK (Brighton) who all have online stores. Thomann in Germany do some great deals so I always browse their website too. (y) :)