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    Best headphones for a gig

    So I have a gig comming up soon and I need good ear protection. I have the Vater Earplugs, but I have a feeling those just won't cut it for this situation. Can someone recommend good ear protection? Because there's obviously no way I'm going without protection, that's how my uncle lost his...
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    Help with Pro-MArk sticks

    I just bought a pair of Pro-Marks and I really like them, however I noticed something odd... They said they are 808L, and that means nothing to me, can somebody probably explain what "808L" means?
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    Pearl Target Export Snare

    So while searching craigslist I came upon a Pearl Target Export Snare + Pearl Snare stand for 60$. I don't know how much the snare itself retails for, so I was hoping someone could enlighten me.
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    Shortboard(?)vs. Longboard

    Sorry, don't know if the shorter ones are called shortboards or not. What's the difference? Are longboards for people with bigger feet, like mine are size 14. I've never really understood the difference.
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    Worth it?

    So I was at Steve's (Music store) the other day and was looking at the acoustic drum sets and I laid my eyes upon a beautiful Tama. It was a Superstar Custom Hyper-Drive and was priced at 1048$ or 108$ a month. So, is it worth it? Should I jump at the opportunity, or is there no opportunity at all?
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    First gig anxiety..

    So my first gig is coming up soon and it's only now that I'm beginning to feel nervous. In the real world, I'm pretty damn shy and quiet, usually in my own corner, despite my 6'5 height, so that doesn't help my situation here. So not only is it my first gig, but I don't think I would be able to...
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    Need help for buying new cymbals

    So recently my mother finally unveiled the drumset she's been hiding from me since November 08. Of course I was all giddy and excited, it's Supra (Pretty much a local brand for beginners) and the black finish is eyegasmic. However my giddyness hit a brick wall when I saw the cymbals, it wasn't...
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    I don't think Shiny is on this site, I searched him, but my efforts proved fruitless. Just some insight on him; He is currently (And has been since around 1997) the drummer for Dir En Grey. Dir En Grey is a Japanese Metal band, although their style always differs from one album to another, for...
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    Anyone tried Zildjian Pitch Black cymbals?

    I saw those at Steve's Montreal store (Where I live). I was looking around in the cymbal section and saw this beautiful black 22' ride.... I fell in love with them just because of the way they look (I like pretty things...), I want to get them once I move, but I need to know if they're worth it...