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    How should I practice rudiments?

    Hey guys, long time no see... I've been pretty busy with school lately and I still am, but found some time to practice and now I have a question to ask. When I took a drumming pause in September, I was getting started on rudiments. I was told from a video tutorial that rudiments can't be...
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    Paiste crashes advice

    A few days ago I had another topic about cymbals in general. I was suggested to get Paiste PST 5 16" as it fits my budget. But, 16" is too small for me, I must go for something bigger like 17"+. Then I took the PST 5 16" and looked for 18" PST 5 instead, not a big price difference. Should I go...
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    Remo Ambassadors for drums, except bass drum

    Hello guys, I'm on a serious drum shopping mode ATM, and this mode brought me to here: Suggestions from you about Remo Ambassadors. I'm gonna get these for my drums, except the bass drum which will be Remo Emperor, because I can't find any Ambassador at 22". Is this a good choice for drum...
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    Paiste 101 Brass set 14/16/20

    I'm thinking on buying some new cymbals for my kit, as I don't really like the current ones I own. I'll buy them as a collection for a very cheap price, and yeah, I wont be trying them before buying, since I still have no idea to tell a difference between cymbal sounds, I guess that comes with...
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    Help me create a practice routine

    Hey everyone, I'm aware of the other threads out there that helped people create a good practice routine, but I'm different, because I can't still do most of the stuff others can lol.. and here we are at the purpose of this topic. I tried creating a few practice schedules for myself, but none...
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    Metalcore drumming

    Hello fellow drummers, I've been improving quite a lot lately, with many obstacles in my way, trying to surpass them with lots of practice. I've been blocked with shuffle beats and I'm still working on that too. I'm here to ask about metalcore. We all know that it's a mixture of metal and...
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    Shuffling help

    I'm having trouble with shuffled beats. Everything that includes shuffle, including the Jazz Ride pattern, troubles me when trying to play a beat with it. I have no idea when to do the backbeat, where to hit the bass so I'm playing quarter notes etc. The big trouble comes when trying to play...
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    Your preferred music genres?

    Hey folks, I'd like to know what music genres you're into. Personally I'm really into metal (death, metalcore, thrash and nu), don't know if I should call myself a metalhead though, I don't have long hair lol. I also listen to a lot of Alternative and Indie rock. Started listening to some...
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    Tom-Toms & Bass drum

    Hey guys, As you can see in my avatar, my drum kit is white with some sparkles in it. I don't like that color that much. So is there any kind of coverage or something that I can change that white "skin" of my drums and make it black? I'd definitely change those colors if possible. Thanks.
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    Need help on choosing double-pedal

    Need help on choosing Double Bass Drum Pedal I've decided to start increasing the size of my kit. I thought that starting with the Double Bass Drum Pedal might be the right thing. My left foot is more developed than my right, because I'm a lefty with my feet, but not with hands lol. So, I...
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    Tapping my left foot

    I have only a single pedal at the moment, but in the future I will get a double pedal for sure, but I don't want to keep my left foot passive for so long. So the question is: Does tapping my left foot actually help me develop it? I don't want to keep doing it for nothing, but I've red in some...
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    Too early for a band?

    Hey guys, Many of you recommend me to get into a band in many posts, but the problem is that I consider myself slightly better than a beginner since I've been drumming intensively for 3 months only. So does this "Get a band" recommendation apply even to me? I can create a band anytime, I've a...
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    Rudiments/rolls practice schedule

    I am trying to learn all rudiments and rolls, I already played them all, but I want to keep improving the play and make them fast (I know this takes a lot). I need to know how many rudiments/rolls I should practice for one day and how many minutes I should dedicate to each rudiment/roll so I get...
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    How do I keep myself motivated?

    Hey guys, I'm getting demotivated on the drums, I keep practicing regularly though, 1-2 hours a day. I'm going through my drumming road with the "Learn and Master Drums" DVD by Dann Sherill, now I'm working with rudiments & rolls. Here are a few questions that I want to ask: 1. How to keep...
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    I don't have a throne!

    As the title explains, I don't have a drumming throne. I always sit an chair which has totally the necessary height for playing the drums. Does this mean anything? Sorry if this question is stupid, I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong as I'm kinda new to drumming. If it's a...