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    Heads for Cabria?

    Hi all. Im going to buy a new drumhead on my drums, i havent change for many years, and the heads i use are still STOCK heads! Im thinking, i mostly play Rock, should i go remo with: Clear Emperor (batter) and Clear Ambassad. (reso) or should i go Evans with: Clear G2 (batter) and Clear G1...
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    ahead joey jordison sticks

    ahead joey jordison sticks, are they good? I have Vic Firth 5B Extreme now, and i like the sound they give, would these ahead sticks give bad sound or? I now if i buy the ahead sticks, i dont need to buy new pair of sticks in 6 months or something they are so strong(someone told me that)
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    Bass head

    Hi guys. I need a bass drum skinhead. I have Emad on the pedal side, but on the front side i think (The skin that is sometimes with a Hole) what to buy on that (Mine is destroyed) I was thinking about 22" Retro Screen but i have no idea if it is good or bad, i want deep bass and i play rock...
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    Paiste 14" Signature Power HH

    Do you know about any Hi-Hats that sounds like the Paiste 14" Signature Power HH But aint that expensive? I like this hi-hats so much, its amazing, but the price woah!! Ps. why aint Paiste sound formula on
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    Tama Starclassic Performer Birch

    Tama Starclassic Performer Birch Drum Sizes (depth x dia): Tomtoms 9x12 and 10x13 Floortoms 11x14 and 13x16 And the bass 18x24 Tama 6" x 14" Starclassic Performer Birch SNARE Hardware: Double Tom holder and HTW749 double-tom stand. It is new(i think) and cost about 1150$ should i buy it, is it...
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    What ride should i buy?

    Hello again I play music like rock,metal,alternrock, classic and yeah just many diffrent music but i think i will be playing rock most of the time. So what ride should i get? Max: 300$
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    Should i buy these?

    Hello drummers. I was thinking i can get these cymbals for 1.000$ is it worth it? 17" sabian Vault crash 17" sabian AAX crash 6" sabian B8 slpash 14" sabian AAX hihat 18" Zildjian K custom session ride 10" Paiste alpha splash 16" PAiste alpha rock crash 18" paiste Rude China 16" Paiste Alpha...