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    Compact Kits

    I don’t know, you can find used FF’s for $800-$900. Mine was right at $1k. And thanks!
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    Compact Kits

    I have a DW Frequent Flyer kit, with a Gretsch Brooklyn Snare. It's a 20" kick, but only 12" deep and sounds fantastic. Still, maybe a little big to be called a compact kit, but it sounds great, it's light, and would probably gig well.
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    Big gap in Mapex Armory Bass Drum Claws, has anyone else got the same thing?

    I had an Armory a while back, and I never noticed this. But as long as the tension is keeping the hoop in place and not moving, I’d say it should be fine.
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    Ludwig Rocker?

    Could be a Ludwig SL series, they had black and white badges but had the classic lugs (as opposed to the Rocker lugs) and were made in the Monroe factory out of factory second (damaged/out of round, etc.) classic maple shells (or so they say). SL’s were made in the early 80’s just before they...
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    Gretsch 6x12 Brooklyn Chrome over Steel Snare

    Hey guys, I just received my Gretsch 6x12 Brooklyn chrome over steel snare. Now, I have owned this exact snare in the 7x13 and it was a great sounding snare, but the 7" depth made it just a bit too big for me (and heavy!), so I ended up selling it. I've been playing a Mapex Saturn snare since...
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    Deciding Between DW and Varus

    DW, for all of the reasons stated above.
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    Where is the best place to sell drums

    I generally prefer Reverb.
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    Dumb question: How to buy drums?

    Look on Guitar Center's website. Tons of great deals in the used section there. And you can have it delivered to your local GC and avoid shipping.
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    Dumb question: How to buy drums?

    Don't be afraid to buy used!
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    PDP Concept Maple vs. DW Design Series

    My first "real" drum kit was a PDP CX series I got in high school. It was an amazing kit. I am currently playing a DW Design Frequent Flyer kit. It is also amazing. Just off the cuff, I'd say the DWs sound somewhat better. But that could be because I know a lot more about heads and tuning than I...
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    NCAA basketball fans / March Madness, how's your brackets?

    I am a Kentucky boy, so I’ve already written this year off as a total loss.
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    I'm looking at getting a metal snare. Any recommendations?

    I'll recommend the Gretsch Brooklyn chrome over steel. Super versatile and affordable snare, and comes in many different sizes. I've owned the 13x7, and it was amazing. I'm about to pull the trigger on the same snare in 12x6.
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    Drum shoes

    Barefoot all the way
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    I was originally afraid of that too (especially since I was up for tenure this year and just needed to work the first day of school to secure it!). Fortunately I work in a district that is very supportive of the arts. I’m glad they were able to keep you on!