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    Wilcoxon solos

    Thank you, D! I really like this pad. I've been using a couple different pads for different things over the past couple years. My main hand workouts have been on the Reflexx pad, usually the bouncy side, sometimes the dead side. For drum set, I've been using the Aquarian Super-Pads; they bring...
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    Wilcoxon solos

    So I picked up a Prologix Blue Lightning pad on the strong recommendation of WhoIsTony and I must say I love this pad. Here's my first Wilcoxon solo on the new toy. Solo 21.
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    Famous flubs?

    Jim Keltner at the 0:19 mark misses a snare. And I love it. The music feels great and doesn't suffer at all for it. It enhances my enjoyment of it.
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    A peek inside the practice room....

    This sounds so hip, Ants. I’ve started shedding this. Seems like all the best ideas are simple concepts that can be applied many different ways. Similar to what Mark Guiliana talks about.
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    Groove Essentials 22 Fast

    Good eye! It's actually a UE Boom. I'm assuming you could see it wedged in the rack tom mount. That's what I'm playing along to here. This is probably the last video where I'll use that. I have been learning to mix tracks in GarageBand, so that's what I plan to use in the future. It's really...
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    Groove Essentials 22 Fast

    I’m relying more and more on playing along to prerecorded tracks to feel like I’m playing live music these days. But I’ll take what I can get.
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    Double pedal on my practice set

    Thanks for checking it out. Yep, heel down. Partly because I have to watch the volume with the neighbors.
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    Double pedal on my practice set

    This is really short, but it was time for a break from Wilcoxon solos.
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    My SQ2 order...

    Wow, just stunning! Congratulations! I know they will sound as great as they look and bring you a ton of joy.
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    Wilcoxon solos

    Thank you, d! Really appreciate you checking it out.
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    Wilcoxon solos

    It's been a while. Solo # 20.
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    Roc-N-Soc Nitro throne question

    Does anyone know if the current Roc-N-Soc Nitro thrones have an easily-removable seat cushion? The old ones are difficult to remove and I think I've heard they make it easier to take off now, but I'm hearing conflicting stories about this. Thanks!
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    Zoom’d out yet?

    The video is great. I've been on the student end of remote lessons, and it is strange at first, but it definitely can work. You always get right to the point and keep things concise in your vids. The learning curve to putting up content online is a steep one for me, but your stuff motivates me...
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    Wilcoxon solos

    Solo number 19:
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    Stan Lynch interview

    This is Stan on drums from just a few years ago. I think he sounds as great as ever. I loved the laid-back feel he put down on those Petty recordings. Jimmy Iovine hated the way his drumming fit with Petty, but I think Jimmy was dead wrong about that. '