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    Zoom’d out yet?

    The video is great. I've been on the student end of remote lessons, and it is strange at first, but it definitely can work. You always get right to the point and keep things concise in your vids. The learning curve to putting up content online is a steep one for me, but your stuff motivates me...
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    Wilcoxon solos

    Solo number 19:
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    Stan Lynch interview

    This is Stan on drums from just a few years ago. I think he sounds as great as ever. I loved the laid-back feel he put down on those Petty recordings. Jimmy Iovine hated the way his drumming fit with Petty, but I think Jimmy was dead wrong about that. '
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    Questions about the Yamaha CROSSTOWN hardware...

    I do have a question for those of you who are gigging with it like I am. Do you still use a hardware bag or just the bag that comes with the Crosstown hardware? I've been leaving the big Ahead bag at home, but there are some things like throne and mic stands that I end up carrying loose on my...
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    Wilcoxon solos

    Solo number 18:
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    Pitfalls of playing a kit

    It's not related to the instrument itself, but I experienced something similar to Andy's wasp incident. We were playing an outdoor gig near a lake and the sun started to go down during our last set. Suddenly, all these red beetles were flying around and into everything and everyone. Of course...
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    Wilcoxon solos

    Solo 16: Solo 17:
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    Wilcoxon solos

    Thanks, Dave! I appreciate you checking the videos out. I remember you talking about how important these books were to you.
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    'playing in the pocket'?

    I'm analytical, so I understand wanting to have a musical concept broken down into a detailed list of ingredients. But I think it's better to just listen to drummers who are known for their pocket and try to imitate them. Good examples of drummers to learn from have already been listed. The...
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    Boston the "band" . . . . not a band!

    Wow! Yeah, I can relate a little bit to your story because I'm my mom's technical support for her laptop. I do work in IT so I know my way around storage issues. For personal email, I use my cable provider's email web server. It's total overkill, but at times, I look back and find something...
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    Boston the "band" . . . . not a band!

    I wonder who played bass on Detroit Rock City? I was always suspicious that Simmons actually played that. Regarding Scholz keeping the demos, that's an amazing piece of justice right there, being able to show concrete proof of something like that. Makes me feel less crazy for saving every...
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    Rocking in the Free World

    I dig this, Andy! Your playing is rock solid and the whole band nails the vibe of the song. The video looks really good, too. The bassist literally kicking rocks at 3:45 stood out for me. :)
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    Are overpriced drums worth it ? A Defence of mapex

    If you want a set of drums and you can afford it, you should get it. I subscribe to the "buy once, cry once" approach. You may pay more money now to get what you want, but in the end, you'll be happier and you may even save money by not spending more money replacing a set you were never quite...
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    Music Theory & Ear Training Experience?

    I just wanted to clarify that I have studied music theory and I was citing my own reasons for pursuing it. My comments are about my attempt to gauge the interest your course may generate amongst drummers who have not.
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    Music Theory & Ear Training Experience?

    I'm not sure how much benefit I would see in using theory to talk about drums. Maybe a little bit? For me, the main thing is being able to converse more easily with other musicians. But, that being said, maybe some drummers who would be put off by the idea of getting deep into theory would sign...