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    Bell modification

    I did a quick search but didn't really see a post asking the same question. Forgive me if I missed it. I have an extra sabian alu bell lying around (I already have one on my kit) and I wanted to know if anyone had modified just a bell before. I was thinking of drilling holes just to give it a...
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    Work screwing with drums

    So this isn't the normal i work 90hrs a week and don't have time to drum thread. It's diff. At my work I use a blade very regular and lately I've been cutting my fingers a lot and that really screws with me drumming. It's hard to grip my stick comfortably with sliced up fingers. I know that's...
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    Happy day: Published a book

    So writing has been a long passion of mine and I've always wanted to publish my work. But seeing as its nearly impossible to get published by a company I went my own way and self published. I had it published on the web sight and the cool thing is when someone buys your book they print...
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    Does anyone else play hockey?

    Just figured I'd ask since its the off topic thread. So let me know.
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    Lefty Drummers

    Anyone on this sight a lefty drummer? Just asking because i am.
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    Two Questions

    1. In alot of rock songs at the end the drummer will hit his crash cymbals light and fast. (AC/DC especially) What is that called? 2, I've noticed that when i'm not useing the bass drum beater i have it resting against the bass head. Is that a bad technique? It doesn't effect me really but for...
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    Brand New Drummer

    Hey guys. Just bought my first drum set a week ago and love it. Love the sight as well. ALOT of uesfull information. So basicly this post is to ask for any beginner tips and any information you'd like to share with the new guy. Thanks!