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    Is a vintage premier for 400 better than a vintage Ludwig for 2000

    Ok I was talking to a guy I know who buys and sells a lot of drums and continuing my theme from the last tread he started to dis vintage drums especially Ludwig saying that a vintage premier for a couple of hundred would be a better kit. Although he said it to rise me knowing that I have one but...
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    Yamaha 9000 pre yess mounting toms advice

    Hi folks, your input on this small issue would be much appreciated. So I have an old 9000 pre yess that I absolutely love a great reliable work horse kit for gigging. When mounting smaller toms 10 and 12 the resonance can choke at certain point along the hex arm it mounts on too. Out near the...
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    Was there a golden age of drum manufacturing

    Interested to hear your views on this. First off I don't wish to offend anyone with kits mentioned simply some observations on the many kits I have played and tried. My theory is there is a great period of drum manufacturing between the late 80s to about 2005 ish. I think pre mid 80s the...
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    Mounting toms on bass drum vs virgin bass drum

    Hi folks, so which do you prefer and why? For me I like toms mounted on the bass drum it's faster to set up, helps stop any bass drum movement and not as bouncy on a hollow stage and makes the kit feel more like a unit. I have had lot's of kits and with virgin bass drum set up it's more hassle...
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    So Nicko has gone back to Sonor after many years and will be playing a sq2, what about premier why did he leave? Good for sonor not so good for premier. Would all their kits being made in China not England be a factor or were they not looking after him? I know the one series and the like are...
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    Help dating yamaha 9000 made in England

    Hi a couple of months ago I bought a yamaha 9000 Cherrywood the bass drum and toms are made in England and the two floor toms are made in Japan, I have seen threads about this topic before on here and they were very helpful. Yamaha made drums in England from 1987-1991 I think, and the serial...
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    Vintage Ludwig lug box spring trouble

    I have a 1970 ish 3 ply Ludwig blue and olive badge that I have had for a few years now, in the last year or so I have done a huge restoration on it mainly just cleaning and polishing new heads and cases etc. But the spring in the lug boxs in the floor tom is rattling, the little squares of...
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    New cymbal set choice paiste v zildjian

    Hi looking for advice to help me choose my next cymbal set up. I am currantly using zildjian k crashes a avedis mastersound hi hat and a paiste 3000 22" ride. I am looking to buy a set of new cymbals as a set the idea being that hopefully they will work well and blend together as a set with each...
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    Sonor Designer Series

    Sonor Designer set 8x8 10x8 12x9 14x11 22x18 14x5