Saved by Snot

Ok, I'm lazy. I'll be the first to admit it. And my laziness got me into trouble last week. Let me explain: After my divorce my two daughters wanted a cat. Ok. We got a nice cat they could play with and take care of. Then somehow we aquired a second cat. Much younger than the first. With two cats, it's wise to have two litter boxes. Ok. Got them. Where my staunch laziness comes into play is cleaning the litter boxes. I clean them when they start to smell. Ok, everyone nice and grossed out now?

After going for some time without cleaning, I came home Tuesday and you guessed it. Smell city. Ok, I cleaned them. But in my zeal to erase the odor, I screwed up. I wanted to light a scented candle, but had no matches. I reached for my handy Harley Davidson Zippo lighter and realized I was out of fluid. Ok, I fill it but forgot to wipe off the excess on the lighter and my hand. Yep. POOF! In a split second my hand was on fire. Shaking it wildly to douse the flames, I managed to sprain my wrist. Not bad, but enough I was concerned about playing a gig that Friday night. And I really wasn't burned, just a light singe. The sprain hurt worse than the burn. I wrap in in an ACE bandage and go about my business.

I'm in the office thinking about how I'm going to get through 3 hours of playing the Friday gig without dropping my sticks. I've read some things about Gorilla Snot and decided to get some.

Two days before the gig, I coat the shafts of two pairs of sticks with said Snot and feel like I'm going to be OK.

I practice with my Snot-coated sticks to get the feel. Ok. I'm fine.

The Friday gig comes and we play for over 3 hours and do very well. I don't drop a stick! I beleive it's because of the Snot. It ensured I could hold on and not drop a stick.

So to make a long story short, I was saved by the Snot!


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In order to avoid this hilarious but unfortunate turn of events next time... I suggest you clean your cat's litter boxes daily... if the cats decide that the litter box is not clean enough - they will start to use the rest of the house as a litter box - with very difficult to clean results. If you think the litter boxes smell bad - wait until one pees on your bed, or your couch... that smell never goes away.

Just some friendly advice from one cat owner to another.

I have never tried Gorilla Snot - maybe it would keep me from having such a death grip on my sticks.


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Hahaha awesome story. For some reason I only drop sticks in practice, but if it ever carries over to shows I'll be sure to start using snot, lol.


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Similar Story:

No. Not the Cats Part. The hurt part.

I was playing softball and had a mishap and ran into someone. Both of us ended up going to the hospital and I ended up with a broken wrist. Cast from hand to elbow. My fingers did stick out and I could wiggle them.

This happened two days before I was heading to Fort Lauderdale for vacation. There for 7 days and then back to work. Since I was playing full time back then and we played a lot on the road. There wasn't anyone to fill in. If I didn't play 7 people didn't get paid. I ended up playing with the cast. After about 4 weeks had passed and I felt confident enough I took the cast off myself...

On the other note. Yes! Cleaning the boxes everyday makes it ten times easier.
And why don't the daughters do it? They wanted the cats and it's good responsibility training.

They would but they don't live with me full time. I share joint custody with their mom. I have them every other weekend and several hours one weekday. I know, bummer.


Personally, i find cat shite, better than Gorilla snot.

I have a cat, she is 23 years now, have had enough of her, told the son if he loves the cat, the cat is his responsability, if not i will have her put down.

Had had enough of cleaning cat litter trays, thus frustantly learning that cat shite is in fact better than snot.

If you dont beleave me TRY it.

Oh yer. Liverpool were knocked out of the FA cup by Reading, a division below.
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