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I just purchsed the Gretsch Catalina Ash drumset. I was wondering what type of cymbals I should get being an intermediate drummer. I am looking for something versatile, able to play music like the "Foo Fighters" All the way to Avenged Sevenfold. I have been looking at the Paiste Universal and Paiste Rock packs. I was wondering if these would be good for versatility, and if so which one is better? Any other brands are welcome.
I was wondering what type of cymbals I should get being an intermediate drummer.
Buy pro level cymbals.....stay away from the lower lines. To my ear, they're all shite (many may argue, but many more will agree). This includes the Universal and Rock packs (PST3 and can certainly do better). I'd give this same advice to a beginner with little money. As an intermediate drummer, you should definitely look to place quality over quantity. Buy once and be happy. Almost all drummers will upgrade the beginner packs....why buy a cymbal twice?

Start with hats and a ride (you'll spend more time on these two cymbals than all others), then add crashes to taste.

You may want to check eBay or Craigslist to save some $$$$
And this is how I'd purchase them. Try them out in person in a drum store. Figure out what you like, then check the net for deals cheaper than retail. Don't be afraid to buy used. There's some killer deals to be had on cymbals via ebay etc......make the most of them rather than opting for the entry lines.
Great advice from PFG & Grunt, + don't discount other quality makers too.
Psh, he's looked at Paiste, there's no need to go further!

But really, If you have the money, don't be afraid to save up a bit just to get something that'll last you for a long time and do it sounding good at the same time. Believe it or not, cymbals are worth their price tags most of the time.

But in relation to Paiste, the Alpha series is okay for it's price. The Giant Beats are good as well, although they're closer to Paiste's notoriously high prices.


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Get the ones that are most pleasing to your ear and fit your budget.

I know that's a pretty generic answer, but that's the best advice i can give.