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Default kits and snares of past and present

Im going to try to start a thread of pics of any gear I do b/s/ting wether I intend to keep it or not.Some have been sold and most are for sale. Sorry for the low quality pics Im working with a camrea phone that only does well when it wants pretty much.
The pics below are of a ddrum dominion ash, pdp mx, tama starclassic, ocdp maple snare mapex deluxe maple snare , kenner custom all wood snare, a shine camo snare, a cadeson royal snare, and a pearl brass free floater and a peal omar hakim signature.
New pics will be coming of soon of my new to me yamaha kit and mabey some other stuff Iv bought and sold etc..
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Default Re: kits and snares of past and present

In case anyone is wondering why the cape and gym wallsare there, it is because of a halloween benefit gig for St. Judes childrens hospital.
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