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Old 12-05-2012, 05:10 PM
The Old Hyde
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Default Ever have a head die?

Last night in the practice studio I tried real quick to tune the kit. The heads are shot and the 12 and 14 sounded exactly the same. Its a 5 pice Ludwig Standard. I think 10,12,14 toms. The 10 and the 14 tuned quickly and had nice tone but the 12 just kept going BWOOMP, BWOOMP when i hit it. Its dead and thats it. It will not change pitch, tone sound anything. It was kind of funny and I played it anyway but I never had a head that just died like that. In its former life it was a remo clear pinstripe.
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Default Re: Ever have a head die?

Never had one die but a drummer friend of mine whacked straight through his snare head during a rehearsal. I heard it, we all stopped playing and he was laughing so hard. He couldn't believe he did it, but the thing had a shiner the size of a frozen pot pie...
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Default Re: Ever have a head die?

Sounds like the head pulled out of the collar. I haven't experienced that in many years. When it happens the head can't be tensioned past a certain point and keeps pulling out of the collar.

Say goodbye and get another head on there.

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Default Re: Ever have a head die?

Yes, once a drum will not sound good, the head is shot. Sometimes it happens so gradually, that it becomes hard to notice. Peace and goodwill.
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Default Re: Ever have a head die?

I don't have many heads that die on me before I actually replace them. I've gotten some Evans G2 heads that were dead straight from the boxes though. If for some reason something sounds really off, I'll take the head completely down and re-tune it. If it doesn't come back to life, it gets pitched.

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