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Old 11-16-2012, 07:54 AM
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Default Light up drumsticks

I'm currently shopping for presents for my brother. He is a seasoned drummer and has been drumming for over 10yrs in various bands.
I know he breaks sticks, but I thought something like this would be cool:

It says they are made of plastic though, so they don't seem very durable.
I think they would be quite awesome at the live shows. They do a light show when they perform (vibration activated strobe, lasers etc etc) so I thought these might give the drummer of the band more attention :)

Has anyone used these or anything of the like?

Thanks for your time,


PS. Lite stix seem ok:

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Default Re: Light up drumsticks

The ones in the first link look pretty dodgy to me.
The guy in the video looks like he is using the vic firth light up sticks. They have clear tips with an LED that changes colours. The problem is they still wont be very durable for acoustic kits, they are more made for electronic drums. The reason the guy in the video is using them on acoustic is because he is either sponsored or has lots of money. They will not last long and they cost around 100 bucks. Unless he plays an electric kit, I wouldnt go for them.

If you are getting him a reasonably inexpensive present to do with drums, (e.g. not a snare drum or something like that) try maybe a drum dvd, a drum book, or maybe buy him a ticket to an upcoming concert/ drum clinic where one of his favorites is playing. Just some other ideas.
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Old 11-16-2012, 10:14 AM
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Default Re: Light up drumsticks

Could always go for a Drum strobe. He can put it in his kick (or any other) and when he strikes it, the strobe lights


I had one for my kick, worked really well, especially using double kickers :D
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