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Default Springs and Things

You know the at the bottom of a pedals spring there is the screw piece that you turn to adjust your tension? of course you do... well have you seen some drum pedals are made with the spring tension on a swivel? in further detail, the bottom of the spring where it connects to the tension screw is, on some pedals, kind of on a cylinder-like piece that lets the spring swivel with the motion of the pedals. Does this make sense? What I am wondering is, does this swivel in the spring actually do anything noticeably beneficial? I mean, I have the option of buying the spring swivel for my pedals, but is it worth it? does it work or is it just some new small piece of drum tech that doesn't do much? tell me what you think.

I believe the Pearl Demon Drive has this spring swivel, if you want to look it up. I may be wrong.
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Default Re: Springs and Things

A couple of my pedals have this. I never paid too much attention to them just thinking that they're there just to keep the spring from twisting regardless of the tightness of the spring itself. Like I said, I never thought much about it.

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Default Re: Springs and Things

The DW9000 pedals have a swivel on their tension spring. It's located inside the post to theoretically provide less resistance. Pain in the ass to adjust though. You need both hands.

Well, if you step on it and release it, it will keep moving for nearly 20 seconds. Buttery smooth.

I'd work on technique, unless you have the spare cash. More practice will increase your speed quicker than adding a swivel spring. IMO I don't see it adding a significant advantage as practice could.

I've seen some cats shred some ugly pedals with superfast speed....just saying.
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