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Default Roland HD1 Practice E-Drum Kit - ADVICE NEEDED

Hi guys,

I'm considering buying an E-Drum Kit to practice at home and need some advice for the pick.

I play the drums in a band for about 2 years now. The genre varies between Rock, Ska, Swing and Funk. In a best case scenario I can practice with them about two times a week in our rehearsal room, but I do not have any real 'alone time'.

My financial scope is at 400 € (~500 $). The absolut maximum would be 600 € (~800 $)

The minimum requirements I'm expecting are:

- Mesh Head Snare (would also be great for the toms but not a must)
- space saving (1m x 1m max)
- adaptable for left-handers

The kit that suits my expectations best is the Roland HD-1 Practice E-Drum Kit for 495 € right now. Still there are some cons to buying it:

Cons to the Roland HD-1:

- no choke-function for the cymbals
- no metronome
- no learning programmes

Hence we play Funk and Ska, I use the choke function a lot. I guess it will annoy me quite fastly not being able to use that. I guess I could put up a metronome via the MIDI-In-Channel. Learning programmes are also optional but it would be nice to have some.

As an alternative I found the Millenium MPS600 Professional Mesh Set for the same price and an additional choke-function. Still, the triggers for Snare and the Hi-Hat Pedal are poorly rated and I play an open Hi-Hat and snare drumrolls quite often.

I got myself 4 solutions for the case, but I'm not really sure about them:

1) upgrade the cymbals to some with a choke-function
--> I don't know if the drumcomputer can put up with that and upgrading both cymbals
and the box-thingy seems too expensive

2) a choke-function via MIDI-In
--> Don't know if that's even possible

3) buy a better drum kit for about 600 €

4) DIY

The DIY solution is more like a last resort hence it takes time and some basic understanding of electronics, tools, workspace etc.

SO: Do you have any ideas about the first 3 suggestions, are they reasonable?

After 2 years I know I'll keep playing the drums. So in case you know an E-Drum Kit price range 600€ that will solve the problem please let me know.

Thank you

Oh, almost forgot: if you know cheaper solutions please let me know as well.

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Default Re: Roland HD1 Practice E-Drum Kit - ADVICE NEEDED

The HD-1 is a bit toy-like. You should aim higher and if the prices for the next-higher Roland and Yamaha kits are too high, look for close-outs on the recently discontinued TD-4 or look at good-condition used sets on sale by people looking to upgrade.
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