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Default Recording gear help

Hey everyone I need some help about getting some recording gear. I want to start making some drum covers. Right now, all I have are 2 shure sm58s, 2 shure pg58s, and 2 shure beta 98s (I think). I also have a fender pa and a shure interface thing. I roughly set up all the mics but I was wondering how I can edit all the sounds on my computer. Like the eq and stuff. Right now I'm using audacity but you can't really do much. How can I mix the sound on budget?
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Default Re: Recording gear help

Depending on your setup you can deliver sound to your computer either through the Line Out port on your amp or through a USB / Firewire connection if your mixer supports it. Sorry but your description of that equipment is a bit vague. Most likely you'll use the first method.

Depending on your computer (PC or Mac) you'll need a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software package. That's a fancy way for saying "a mixer on the computer". There are many out there but I chose a program called Reaper by Cockos. It's very powerful and very inexpensive (free if you want to use it forever with ads).

If you are pumping everything through to the mixer via the line out then you will essentially only get control of one channel in your DAW. All mixing must be done outside of the PC on the external mixing gear. If you have a mixer integrated through USB / Firewire you can gain more extensive control of each channel. In either case though you can use the DAW to record, edit and add effects to your music.

This is a long and complex subject that I've been playing around with since the end of last year. I purchased a Mackie Onyx 1220i firewire mixer and it has been a real blast to use. So much so that I recently upgraded to their 1640i mixer which has even more integration with the PC.

On the cheap though - take the line-out from your amp, plug it into your sound card's mic jack and open up Sound Recorder. Your drums will get recorded to your PC. From there you can just decide how much extra money and time you want to put into the project.
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