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Default My kit pics and some dialogue.


I've posted here a while ago, 35 times to be exact. I was very new to drumming and inexperienced to say the least. Looking back at the pics I have of my old kit, which I will spare you now but can be found if you look, it was a mess. There's no way I could play properly even if I knew how. Times change though, and recently in particular I've been playing and practicing a lot, so I figured it was time for a reintroduction.

Hi, I'm Nickropolis.

My current kit is only a low end Sonor, 503 Series which I think might be Force 503 now, 9 ply basswood if my research holds water though I'm sure some of you know way more about Sonor gear than I, scary amounts. :P

Don't worry, there will be pictures down there a way so if you're getting impatient, just scroll down a bit.

I rescued this from some guys basement around the corner from where I used to live, it was damp and he was a hard hitter so the skins were toast and a splash was keyholed beyond repair. Pretty sad cymbals all around, Solar hats, 18" crash/ride and the aforementioned splash which I still use.

The specs now are as follows:

Sonor 503 Series 4 piece gloss black wrap

12" rack tom 16" floor tom - Evans G1 coated w/ erings top, Sonor stock clear bottom
20" kick - Remo Powerstroke 4 w/ Evans patch, Sonor stock ebony reso
14x3" Dixon brass piccolo snare - Evans Genera Dry top, Hazy 200 bottom, Puresound Equalizer snares

I'll do another thread for my small gathering of snares, not high end but I like them.

Sabian cymbals - 14" AAX Stage Hats, 20" AA Medium Ride, 14" APX Crash, 16" APX Solid Crash, 10" B8 Pro China Splash, 12" Pro Thin Splash, cut down bell over keyholed 8" B8 Splash over 14" Solar top hihat stack, 14" AAX Mini China over busted B8 bottom hihat over Solar bottom hihat X-Hat

Stock pedals which aren't so bad really.

The bell is sadly an old Turkish top hihat that was broken when I found it, in the basement of my new house, lots of people moved in and out of here and just left things. Their loss. It was so thin it broke along the lathe grooves in some places instead of cutting when using tin snips.

Anyway, my playing and taste have changed drastically for the better and I think it shows.

Alright, now you get the pictures. A few kit shots, driver's seat, jam room, snares, e-kit and my roommate's guitar, enjoy.

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Default Re: My kit pics and some dialogue.

Cool stuff. And indeed, time not only lends itself to your "learning" curve (as far as playing), but there's a "gear head" curve, too. Looks like you've done well, to maximize your kits performance. And, you'll keep doing that (probably) as long as you drum.
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