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Default Pad triggering another pad?

When i hit the ride cymbal it will trigger the tom3 how do i fix this?

my kit is yamaha dtx500k
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Default Re: Pad triggering another pad?

Originally Posted by aznbennet View Post
When i hit the ride cymbal it will trigger the tom3 how do i fix this?

my kit is yamaha dtx500k
Its cross talk that, the vibrations going through the frame and arms are setting tom 3 off, I assume the ride and tom 3 are mounted onto the frame fairly close to each other. I dont know the kit, but if its a full cymbal try and slacken it off so it swings more and takes the shock out of the hit, if its a wedge shape that wont work obviously, although you may be able to seperate them a bit more on the frame.

If that doesnt work, or its a wedge shape, the other thing is there will be somewhere on the module (again i dont know the yam stuff) settings for crosstalk and threshold, the pad you want to change settings on is tom3 pad as that is the problem one, if you increase cross talk it will stop it firing with a low velocity at the same time as another pad, i.e. a probable miss trigger, the threshold will change how hard you hit for it to register the strike.

Hope you sort it out, its really annoying that isnt it!
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