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Default Jon "The Charn" Rice

Jon "The Charn" Rice is the drummer for the metal band Job for a Cowboy. I'm not much of a fan of "deathcore" or metalcore (metal is so muttled in genre names these days it's hard to keep track), so I was never very keen on even giving the band a listen (the name alone used to deter me). That is until I saw this:


Not only is Jon's playing creative, melodic, and precise, but in my opinion refreshing. I find myself bored by most metal drummers nowadays, mostly because it seems they've all taken to blasting, double bass, and Portnoy-esque fills, and though his playing does contain some of those elements, I find Jon's playing to be extremely tastefully and inspiring. He is also the reason that I listen to Job for a Cowboy, and has a great ear for really driving a song. Other bands you can hear him with include Austrian Death Machine (the side project of As I lay Dying's Tim Lambesis) and as a touring member of The Red Chord.

As far as metal drummers go, this guy is top notch. Check out Jon's page with Meinl Cymbals (more videos too!):


- Marc
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Default Re: Jon "The Charn" Rice

I was really happy when they got Jon in, as I really hate deathcore. Its when they got Jon that their sound shifted to more straight up death metal, with some technical elements. He's an extremely tasteful drummer and I for one find it very difficult mapping out their songs drum wise because of his playing. It really is him and Jonny Davy's excellent vocal work that drives that band.
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