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Old 05-18-2012, 06:14 AM
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Default Switching- Iron Cobra Juniors to Axis AL-2's

Hey guys. Just ordered a double pedal version of Axis AL-2's, and I'll be switching from my Iron Cobra Juniors. Should I expect a huge difference?
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Old 05-18-2012, 06:21 AM
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Default Re: Switching- Iron Cobra Juniors to Axis AL-2's

Direct drive pedals offer a very different feel to chain or strap driven pedals IMHO. Much more "honest" pedals in that the light feel transposes easily to the drum head. Any little waivers or flickers of the foot are likely to be heard. DD's do take some getting used to and they are not for everyone. Some love them yet they can be far too light for others. If you didn't do so, then I reckon it's always worth trying them out before laying down the cash.

But all in all, you have bought a quality product that will do as it's designed. "Feel" really is the most important factor in determining if you'll like any pedal though.......especially when it comes to switching to DD's.
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Old 05-18-2012, 12:57 PM
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Default Re: Switching- Iron Cobra Juniors to Axis AL-2's

They are definitely going to feel different..I recommend spending some time dialing them in for feel..even then you still probably will adjust them some more the first few days/weeks..
..did you get the version with the sonic hammers?..if so, use the hammer to your advantage as far as setup goes and try different settings for them as well

…personally, I like the axis (now)..but that wasn't always the case..my first foray into the direct drive axis world (some 18 yrs. ago)..I never could used to the feel...my second go around (this year)..much happier and more satisfied with these pedals..the thing to understand is that they definitely will work for you (i.e., they don't require the same effort that a standard chain drive pedal does - in my mind this is the feel part, that takes some getting used to..)..and as PFOG stated they are a much more "honest" pedal…good luck with them..

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Default Re: Switching- Iron Cobra Juniors to Axis AL-2's

The feel is different with DD pedals as others have said.

Guess the question is did you try them out before you ordered them so you know if you like them?
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Default Re: Switching- Iron Cobra Juniors to Axis AL-2's

As many have said, the DD will keep you honest and is very responsive compared to chain drive - IMO.

A big difference you will experience is going from the regular length footboard to the longboard. I went from the DW9000 pedals over to the Trick Dominator double pedals which are direct drive and long boards.

Direct drives have a different feel - but my steepest learning curve was getting used to the longboard. If you're playing heel up, I believe the transition is smoother. I also play heel-toe and that technique involves your heel landing at the right spot and angle. Get ready to adjust pedal angles and have patience. Nice pedals those Axis are.
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