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Default kick drum combos for different situations

obviously everybody has a specific combo that they like for they're particular kick sound, for whatever size they use, for the genre they tend to lean towards playing, and what kind of situation the drum is being used for. i'm just somewhat curious about what kind of setups everybody uses and for what sounds they go for. kind of a comparative thread. i'll start it off:

my kick drum is an old tama rockstar DX 22x16 with the wrap taken off. i use a SKI for the batter because i like how it has a really fat attack and much less high overtone than most other heads while still retaining a good bit of projection. for the reso, i've got a coated PS3 with a port. I know some people debate about the port, but i think it's definitely more useful if you're playing a room where it needs to be miked. the reso is tuned medium tight and the batter is pretty loose, just past the point of seating onto the bearing edge. this gives me the most boom, but it's still very controlled since both heads are pre-muffled. i generally don't have any extra muffling, but i could see the benefit of it if i were to mic up. i generally go for more of a hard rock/early metal sound.

what about you guys?

edit: as you may or may not have read in another thread, i work at a music store. this thread is for the benefit of anybody posting/reading in it, though mainly i want to have satisfied customers when i make suggestions to them about what to buy. I might start up a couple other similar threads like this if this has a nice turn out:)
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