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Default Alesis DM6 - Any Tips?

Hi Guys!

This is going to be a long post with many question, so grab a beverage.

I bought the Alesis DM6 USB Express kit for $200 on ebay. Everything seems to work great except the player, lol. I know this isnt a very good kit, but IMO, it gives me something to learn on while living in an apartment. I wont call myself a drummer, or even a guitar player though Im far better at playing them. Only good thing is that I can keep a count, lol.

Starting from scratch.
The kit comes with a bass pad and kicker, a hi hat and mute pedal. A snare and two toms with rim sensors, and a crash symbol. All programmable with limitations. I can upgrade to another tom and a ride for around $200. The kit sounds decent. Im not fooling myself assuming it sounds like anything other than what it is: A simple intro into the drum world.

Here is where the questions start...
This is my current setup.

Tom 1 is to the right of the snare, tom 2 is above. Hi hat is on the left, crash is on the right.

1. Basic setup.
Should I change anything here?

2. Double strikes on the bass pad.
This isnt a pad issue. If I hold my foot above the peddle and kick, I get no double strikes. If I rest my foot on the peddle, I do. The beater has 4 adjustments, pressure, arm length, chain tension, and angle. Looking for adjustments so I dont have to hold my foot in the air. No way to adjust the time out for strikes on this kit, but IMO, the arm rocking back and forth after release is the primary culprit. The cheap pedal is an issue, but Im sure there is a way to adjust to reduce this effect.

3. Hi Hat peddle tension.
This might just be a base spring issue, but Id like to feel some resistance on the peddle to simulate the shaft. The peddle has height adjustments for strike input, but nothing to make it tighter other than the base spring. Any suggestions to make the pedal feel more real? I dont think there is a middle ground for half open with this kit.

4. Recording through USB.
From what I have read, its going to take multiple programs and $$$ to record off USB. If anyone can suggest a good way with a single free software, Id appreciate it. Otherwise, Ill hook it up to my cards input and go direct. I have multiple instruments and was hoping, this time, that USB was the way to go. Not, midi recording sucks. I have a mixer so no worries either way. For recording, I have Sony Sound Forge 10, and after hours of research, USB recording is a dead stick.

Really, I have no complaints about this kit. Its low cost, and does what is advertised. Being a beginner I only know the difference between this and and an acoustic kit with less pieces, decades ago.

I have no plans on upgrading for the time being. I just want to use this to learn the very basics, and make it sound decent. I have a whole band worth of equipment that I tinker with too. Any suggestions from placement, optimizing strikes, software, and fine tuning hardware is much appreciated.

Just for fun guys!
Thanks much for reading, and your suggestions.

Sorry for posting in the wrong topic guys. Ive asked a mod to move it for me..
Time to play the game.

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Old 05-29-2012, 06:30 AM
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Default Re: Alesis DM6 - Any Tips?

First of all, I have an Alesis DMD 6, but with one more cymbal, and one more tomb:
My set up:
hi hat
tomb 1
tomb 2
floor tomb
and the hi hat pedal, and bassdurmm pedal.

I bought it in december 2010, and I've been using it almost every day. I connect in mi computer and I practice with play alongs or drumless tracks.

And now answering your questions

1. No, I think that is ok for practice only

2. I remember you cand adjust the sensitive of the bassdrum pad. Need to read the manual.

3. This hi hat pedal pad don't have adjustments.

4. I use "Audacity" software to record and mixing tracks. I don't find a way to use the USB conection, so I use a plug cable 3,5 mm on the both sides, one side connected on the Alesis Pad "output" and the other side on the microfone conection of my computer.
And for practice with drumless tracks, the same cable from PC phones conection to the "mix in" alesis pad conection.

Sorry for my english if You don't undertand some of my words, I'm from Mexico.

Check the audio of the video

Two weeks ago I made that mix of some drum solos and percussions recorded with my Alesis DM6
remember "Audacity" it's the software and it's free. And this Alesis DM6 was made only for practice, not helpful for live shows

I hope this will help you.

greetings form Mexico
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Old 06-14-2012, 07:20 PM
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Default Re: Alesis DM6 - Any Tips?

Hay There!

I got a DM6 clone october last year (2011) as my first ever kit and the first time i even held drum sticks. I had a very low budget and it was that or dont learn at all.

I am really glad I did get it, and havent looked back once. The only problem I had was mine was pre battered on ebay, and the hi hat soon disintegrated, so I stuck it back together with no nails and used it as an extra and swapped it for a roland CY-5 cymbal. No other problems other than that.

In terms of tips and tricks... the pads are actually quite good on dynamics, the limiting factor (and the reason people think they arent very sensitive or dynamic) is purely down to the trigger processor in the drum module, the pads are plenty sensitive and dynamic. So I swapped my drum module for a trigger IO and run it through addictive drums, it really brings the kit alive, and I get 6ms of latency which is rather fast really!

In terms of recording, the usb port is midi over usb, so if you link that to a computer you can use things like addictive drums and such. What I do on my youtube videos is record straight out of addictive drums in realtime to a wav file, that way you stay digital, there no worries of anolog signals and gains or anything like that.

If you want to see what my DM6 is like now and recordings, have a look at my youtube, theres a link in the signature with some of my attempts of drum covers but also I did a bit of a demo / review on the dm6 pads with a trigger io to demonstrate theres nothing wrong in the slightest with the dynamics of the pads, the video is the bottom one on my channel, the first one I did.

Just incase it isnt in my footer, my channel is : http://www.youtube.com/user/iamthemezzo
and my review video on the dm6 pads is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Gm3mjrpHUA

Hope it helps!
Cheshire UK
Started Drumming October 2011.
My YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/user/iamthemezzo
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