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Old 04-23-2012, 04:21 PM
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Default Heart surgery and drumming...

First off, a little background on me. I will be 60 on August 1 and never smoked a day in my life. I had a quadruple heart bypass on the 13th of this month and have been at home for almost a week now.

I have four incisions in my legs and other than getting short of breath after a brisk 10 mim walk, I'm doing okay. My wife, a registered nursed for 33 years says I'm making remarkable recovery.

I guess my question is have any of you on here had the same surgery and if so, how long before you were able to play a four hour gig?

I'm giving serious consideration to quitting as I don't want to spend nights in a smoked filled bar. I have been offered the chance to come up with drum tracks for a fellow band member who want to put his material on CD so, in that case, what can I expect as far as recovery time?

I know everyone is different....so just some opinions from those who have been down this road.

Oh yeah...take care of your hearts fellow drummers. CABG is no fun!

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Old 04-23-2012, 06:40 PM
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Default Re: Heart surgery and drumming...

I had a quintuple bypass a couple of years ago. First thing I did when I got home from the hospital was go into the drum room and play...and play...and play.... I posted here about how I felt drumming literally saved my life during the recovery period, but it's in the archives somewhere and I can't find a way to point you to it.

I'd say that I was a mess for the first 3 months, but in shape enough to have my first gig a little before the one year mark. Drank my usual amount of tequila and played for a couple of hours before a college audience. I'd been playing at home for 3 or 4 hours a day for about 6 months before that, both with others and by myself. I'd estimate that my body felt like mine again about 4 months after the surgery, although I wasn't as physically strong as before.

Since then, the real problem has been the meds, which make me not tired but sleepy, so that I'm now one of those old codgers who takes a nap every afternoon and still gets 8 hours sleep a night. I have no advice for you because I've lived long enough to learn how meaningless advice is, but I'd suggest that you not push yourself - the psychological effects of expecting too much can be devastating. Just play the way you want to, both for yourself and in performance. Music, like laughter, lengthens our lives by making them more worth living. And playing music, well, to me that's a holy business.

Very best wishes from one survivor to another!
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Old 04-23-2012, 08:43 PM
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Default Re: Heart surgery and drumming...

I started a thread about the drums being therapeutic here:


Talk to some of those people....

People had hip replacements, tendonitis, etc...I wonder if any had heart surgery....
"If I became parapalegic I would try to use my forehead to drum, or my tongue or nose." - Myself
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Default Re: Heart surgery and drumming...

Call your Doctor and ask him how long you can be in a seated position. I know it helps to have your feet raised for a period of time, and four hours seems like a long time to me at this point. As much as we would like to help and see you up and about and playing again, this forum is the wrong source. Get well soon.
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