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Default Remo Vintage A

I read about these heads on the forum a while back and I thought I'd give them a go. I was looking for a new head for my Yamaha Musashi and went into a shop ready to walk out with the standard coated Ambassador but instead saw a Vintage A on sale and thought it was worth a go. I put it on my Musashi, seated the head and gave it a quick tweak and I was absolutely blown away by the sound I was getting. The depth of tone was phenomenal and the second (very thin) ply just took the harsh edge off.

I was stunned by how good it was on the Musashi. I never usually go for double-ply heads on anything but the second ply was so thin it just focussed the sound a little more.

A few weeks ago, I got a new snare - a steambent Oak. A really beautiful snare that came with an Evans Reverse PowerDot. It sounded great but I'm not too fond of the snare heads, so I took it off and replaced it with my stalwart coated Ambassador. The snare sounded just a little too harsh, so I played around with the wires and the tuning for a while and eventually realised that it was probably the new head I had put on. The snare just needed a little taming. Steambent drums are a different animal to ply drums and they can be very lively and potentially finicky - although it is absolutely worth it.

I searched for a Vintage A and it was hard to find. I found one, put it on and gave it a quick tweak and that was that. I replaced the Evans Hazy 300 with a Hazy 200 I had and now the snare just sings. Focus, cut, warmth, sensitivity. All I could ask in a drum.

For me, this is the best head I've ever used. I can't see me going back to coated Ambassadors, at least on these two drums and if I can get them (and afford them!) I'm sorely tempted to put them on all of my drums. They are just fantastic heads and I'm very glad that Remo continued to make them.
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Default Re: Remo Vintage A

I like them too. Been using them on my snares over the past year.
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