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Default Yamaha DTX540

Hi, this is my first post so please bear with me. Summary intro: UK based, mid-life crisis drummer, playing for about 3 years, moved from acoustic to electronic recently, slowly learning and loving it!

This post could end up multi-threaded as I have quite a few thoughts about this kit, and electronic kits in general. However this is really about this kit, or more specifically the module. I bought this kit about 6 months ago as I loved the feel of the pads over the Roland mesh heads, it was love at first bash :-)

I recently treated my self to 2 decent sets of headphones, (could be a thread in it's own right!) - some in ear Westone UM2's and some Sennheiser HD280's (wow!!). Since using these I have noticed strange noises generated by the module. Tricky to explain as I am not that technically savvy with terminology.

The only way to explain it as such: hit a pad or cymbal - nice sound, some reverb that can be tweaked, sound stops. Then a whole new sound starts, like an electronic 'fuzz' that very clearly starts and stops, probably lasts about 1.5 seconds. It is 100% not reverb as there is a brief, but very distinct pause between the reverb ending and this sound starting.

You can only hear it if the module volume is cranked up but that leads directly onto another issue... the module is so so quiet, I have read this elsewhere and it really is bad. To get a reasonable sound level whilst playing with headphones on the volume needs to be pretty much at max. I have also tried the module plugged into a Yamaha drum amp and it is also useless, Even with the amp cranked up full, and the module on max, the volume is way to low. I have tested the amp and it does not have a problem playing anything else loud. Sound-technology wise I am not that hot so maybe I am doing something wrong.

So all in all, although this kit has a great feel, I am really really disappointed with the module. I have called Yamaha UK and someone called me back denying they could hear the electronic mush I was hearing. I then said to crank the volume up and he called me back later and said he could now hear it. He also acknowledged the low volume problem and said he had heard other people complaining about it. He then said he would investigate both issues and call me back. This was about 4 weeks ago, he has not called back and I cannot get hold of anyone to speak to - their customer service are hard to track down!!!

One other criticism is the size of the rack, it feels a little cramped, mind you I am 6' 4" so lots of things do feel small! Luckily the shop I bought it from had some various spare racks and they swapped it out for a much bigger Roland one at not extra cost - happy days!

Has anybody else got this same module and any experience of the electronic 'noise' or the awful volume levels? I am really tempted to pursue this with Yamaha as the kit was not cheap and these 2 problems really do make the module sub-standard IMO - especially for a Yamaha product. Anyone got any contacts at Yamaha maybe?

Thanks in advance for any input!


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Default Re: Yamaha DTX540

Forgot to mention.... took the module back to shop to see if it was faulty, we swapped mine with the demo one in the shop and after an hour or so of testing, the shop module had exactly the same problems as mine. Therefore I guess the module being faulty can be ruled out.
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