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Old 02-11-2012, 03:11 PM
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Default DM8 Pro Blue Screen of Death?

I've had my DM8 Pro for less than a day, which I bought as a noise-reducing replacement for my beloved Mapex (the neighbours no longer approve - we've all been there)

The second time I ever power it up the screen is blank, a hissing noise comes through my headphones and it's unusable. I havent even played the kit properly yet so I seriously doubt its due to any outside damage to the unit, and it worked fine yesterday when I was setting the kit up for the first time out the box.

Have tried resetting to factory settings by powering on holding Exit and Store but it made no difference.

Have sent a message to Alesis customer support ( I think; upon completing the form I simply get a blank screen with no confirmation of receipt or sending so I have no idea if Alesis even got it - pretty shoddy) and tried phoning my UK support desk (which is only open Mon-Thurs - again very shoddy as weekends are a lot of people's only spare time) so far both to no avail.

I am therefore sitting at what is now an extremely expensive set of practise pads, and I already have enough of those.

Any advice/support would be extremely welcomed, this issue is incredibly frustrating. I've never owned an e-kit before and was extremely hesitant about buying so this issue happening after less than 24 hours of ownership has really soured me.
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