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Old 01-29-2012, 09:38 PM
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Default pedal, bass drum set up Catalina Maple

I got a Catalina Maple kit for my kid for a very late xmas present and it's set up ok it seems, except the bass drum to bass pedal connection (Gibraltar 5611, I think, single pedal) seems weird. The problem (if it is) is that the heel of the pedal doesn't sit flat on the rug when the pedal is attached to the bass drum rim. So when your heel pushes the pedal down it moves the bass drum and all attached to it upward, which seems very wrong. The kick pedal is supposed to move the skin, not the whole kit! right? I did elevate the bass drum about an inch off the carpet using the legs, and this made things slightly better, but clearly didn't fix the problem.

What I don't understand about this pedal is that the base angles up a few degrees at the toe part of the pedal. This seems to indicate that the rim should come in at an angle to allow the base to stay flat. Instead, even with the bass drum raised by the front legs, the point at which the angle starts on the pedal functions as a rocker, raising and lowering the bass drum when pressure is applied to the heel of the pedal. This is surely is not what is supposed to happen.

Anyway sorry for long post, any help appreciated. I'm prolly missing something obvious . . .
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Default Re: pedal, bass drum set up Catalina Maple

From what you've described, you seem to have done it right, is it possible to have a picture of this "problem" and a picture of the pedal attachement? It certainly would help :))
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