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Default Flix Sticks Information

Disclaimer - before I go any further please be aware I have no association with this company except as a happy customer. (trust me, no-one will be endorsing me any time soon!) Joking apart, I respect this site a great deal, and don’t want to be seen to be disrespecting Bernhard and the hardworking moderators.

I am a 'weekend warrior' drummer, playing for my own entertainment, often after our three young children have gone to bed, so I have always needed a quiet stick, before I was introduced to the Flix sticks I was using the conventional 'hot rod' style of stick and breaking them at a frustratingly rapid rate! The Flix sticks are so much more robust, they have a plastic/resin construction that makes them so much more resistant to cracking and snapping.

However, I was playing recently, and did not notice that one of the tone rings (these ‘bunch’ the rods together) had crept to the end, and then flew off the stick. When trying to put the ring back on, I tore the rubber so thought I had lost the use of this stick, which was a pain, as they are not cheap.

I contacted the firm, via their website and was told that ‘yes’, they did have a replacement kit for these tone rings, and ‘yes’, it would not be a problem to send it from Scotland to New York.

So, to cut a long story short, if anyone else uses and enjoys these sticks, but has also lost, or torn the tone rings fear not, help is at hand, and from my experience only a few mouse clicks away.

I never knew about these replacements, there were none in the store I bought the sticks from, but having replaced the torn ring, I now have a 'new' pair of sticks instead of having to throw them out for the sake of one broken stick, and buy a new pair.

If this information helps a fellow drummer, I’ll be a happy 'weekend warrior'.
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