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Old 01-25-2012, 05:53 AM
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Default Tama Iron Cobra beater problem

About 5 months ago I got a Tama Iron Cobra double and absolutely love it. So I decided to get the single version as well, which I currently have hooked up to my Roland TD-4 e kit. It's a great pedal as well, but for some reason no matter how tight I have the screw, it loosens and the beater slides down through the hole, causing me to lose a ton of volume (on those e-kit rubber pads if the beater doesn't hit dead center it sounds unbelievably wimpy). Just now, it fell out completely. So is there anyway to stop this? I tend to play heavier on that kit than I do my acoustic kit, meaning more heel up and burying the beater, partially because of the wimpiness of the pad, so could this have something to do with it?
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Default Re: Tama Iron Cobra beater problem

Does the set screw seem to be tightening against the beater's shaft? Is the set screw stripped? There's a couple of things that you can possible do. The first one is to get a new set screw. The second thing would be to put the shaft weight on the beater and use it as a stop. Adjust it so the shaft does not fall through the pedal and third, take a fine metal file and file a flat spot on the beaters shaft so that the set screw will have more to bite into.

This is all that comes into my mind right now.

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Default Re: Tama Iron Cobra beater problem

I had the same problem with my Gibraltar pedal only it went up and out, not down, but not my IC's yet. Don't worry about buying new parts. Just get the beater height were you want it, adjust the weight to hold it in place. Then to keep it from coming out, remove the screw that hold the beater shaft, apply a little elmers glue to the tip and re tighten.
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