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Default akg d112

If you are reading this thread you have probably heard of this microphone.
“Industry standard” is common verbiage used to describe this mic’s role on kick drum.
After reading what 100’s have said about the mic in reviews, discussions and debates,
my curiosity finally got the best of me.
I found a deal I couldn’t pass up and purchased a used akg d112.
I got about $80 off retail and the mic seriously used showing signs of that it was a well used gig mic.
And that’s cool with me as long as it performs well and in fact I think it is cool to know that this mic was in possibly several other drummers kick drums pumping out the low down at some rockin gigs.
After a quick “working order” check consisting of speaking into the mic while adjusting the gain on the preamp I was happily greeted with a fully functional mic with robust sound to boot.
Now the fun part:
I set it up and placed it in a typical live placement right in the drum about half way between the batter and resonant head positioned at a slight angle point down towards the lower quadrant facing the floor tom.
I tried a few different placements and finally settled on situating the mic just barely in the port hole
Staring straight into the drum.

Fro reference:
My kick drum is a 18x22 tama imperialstar with emad batter and fiberskyn 3 ported resonant head.
It is tuned the lowest possible note and then a little higher on the resonant head.

I Recorded myself monkeying around with some beats and
My conclusion is: this mic rocks!
My experience with kick mic’s is not extensive but I have used the Shure beta 52 ($189) and the Equation audio dlm104 ($69) both large diaphragm dynamics like the d112.
In my opinion the d112 wins that competition HANDS DOWN.
The d112 seemed to strike a nice balance having all the low end punch of the 52 plus some extended “subsonic lows” but also has a crystal clear top end that isn’t overkill or harsh like the equation mic voiced. The d112 with flat eq sounds phat and huge but at the same time clean and tamable. It may rest a little on the “tubby” side but not “muddy”
In my clip I actually notched out some lows in the 50-80hz range for a tighter sound because the tuning of the drum + the placement of the mic + the capability of the mic to capture the low-lows = impressive, powerful low end.
My former kick drum mic has now been relegated to floor tom duty and it is filling those shoes nicely.
I’m no professional recording engineer just a weekend warrior so the drum mix is debatable
And of course the drumming is terrible but my kick drum never sounded better.
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Default Re: akg d112

Sounds pretty good through my crap computer speakers. I prefer the AKG D112 to most other bass instrument mics. I'm running a Sennheiser e602 right now which has a similar freq response. I prefer either to the Audix D6 or the Beta 52.
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Default Re: akg d112

I have 3 mics I use to record bass drum primarily: AKG D112, Shure Beta 52, and Audix D-6. All of them sound great in their own way, each capturing a slightly different take on the bass drum. Placement is key, though. Most producers I know love to stick that D112 right through the porthole, a few inches from the batter head for that "click" sound. I do that with the D-6, but I think the D112 sounds best either right up to the porthole or even dead center on the reso head. It captures the "whoomph" quite nicely.
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