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Default New Black Beauty in house

I posted here awhile back, during my search for a COB Supra. I bought one with tube lugs, but ended up returning it. No matter what I did, it just didn't have the pop and crack I was hoping for. I was in GC yesterday, saw a Ludwig metal snare, and started hitting it. It had a wonderful, warm, crack and pop to it. I looked at it closer, and it was a 14x6.5 Black Beauty. I played it on a kit for 10 minutes, and everyone in the store, including me, was digging it alot. Seeing that it sounded so good with stock heads, I knew it would only sound better. I talked them down on the price, and brought it home. Since, I have installed a Remo Powerstroke 3 batter head, and I am loving this thing. You know you love a drum when all you want to do, for two straight days, is hit it and keep on hitting it. There is so much depth to the pop of it. Now I know why the BB is so hightly regarded.

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