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Default Vic Firth, Pro Mark & Regal Tip, which is better for playing metal??

i want longer sticks(nylon tip!). i own a pair of Regal Tip E series which is too short for me. and it was so frail that when i hit the snare hard(i play really heavy metal), it split....my drum master said pro mark is kinda delicate that it's easy to get bent and broken. is this true?? well, what i notice is, in my local drum store, the pro mark drumsticks are the least purchased. the vic firth sticks are not bad, but the tips are too easy to get broken! SO, would anyone give me some personal observation on drumsticks?? THANKS!
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Default Re: Vic Firth, Pro Mark & Regal Tip, which is better for playing metal??

I really think it's a matter of preference, but my Pro Marks have lasted me a very long time, i just recently replaced them with a newer pair. My playing is about "medium" when it comes to how hard i play. Hope I helped.

PS- From my experience, wood-tipped sticks have lasted me longer than nylon. When nylon chips and cracks i find that if you strike a cymbal with the chip/crack, it feels soft and spongy and doesn't rebound as it should. I never really had a problem with wood.
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Default Re: Vic Firth, Pro Mark & Regal Tip, which is better for playing metal??

Vic firth makes extreme versions of their 5a and 5b sticks which are 1/2" longer and a x5bn would probably be more durable than the x5an due to it being thicker and the rockn is also a bit longer and thicker than the x5bn with a thicker shoulder as well and the cmn (classic metel n) is longer and thicker again. Also Vic Firth warranties their nylon tips, if it breaks or comes off they will replace it, I use the regular 5bn and I have only lost one tip in 14 years, the sticks were over 1/2 wore out and they still replaced them. I cant say I have ever chipped a nylon tip but I have chipped many wood ones and usually very quickly after buying them as well which was one of the reasons I switched to the nylon tip, the crisp sound on the ride and hats was just a bonus. I also find Vic Firth more durable and consistent than Pro Mark and Regal Tip.


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Default Re: Vic Firth, Pro Mark & Regal Tip, which is better for playing metal??

To me, sticks are the connection between player and sound. I am VERY fussy about sticks. I have tried many styles of sticks and many brands over the years. Personally...I find Vic Firth to be the most responsive, durable, balanced and comfortable. I use the F1 American Classic, nylon tip....absolutely fantastic sticks.
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