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Default Need ideas on turning batter hoop into snare side hoop

I got a Ludwig 6.5" Brass on Brass Black Beauty a few months back. This drum has solid brass die cast hoops top and bottom. Recently I've made the discovery that die casts on the snare side tones down the liveliness of a drum, something I don't want to do. So I ordered a pair of 2.3 mm brass plated hoops. I removed the die cast on the snare side only of my new 6.5 BB and replaced it with the 2.3. It opens the tone up much more, I really like it.

So this leaves me with a homeless, batter side, brass plated, 2.3 mm hoop. I actually have another Brass on Brass Black Beauty in the 5" depth. My intention is to convert the 2.3 mm brass plated batter hoop into a snare side hoop by making 2 slots for the snare strings. I want a full sized slot that the whole snare wire assembly can pass through, just like a regular snare side hoop. Any ideas on how to do this DIY...cleanly? I mean I know I can drill some holes and just keep expanding them, but it would probably be ugly. The only thing I can think of is a Rotozip tool with a ceramic bit. But again, it would most likely be ugly. And I will do that if there are no better suggestions.

Any suggestions?
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Default Re: Need ideas on turning batter hoop into snare side hoop

It's a good idea.

Once you have measured and marked the slots you want to cut and remove from the hoop, you can drill each extremity of the 2 slots (4 holes in total) to the diameter of the aperture and then use a small and fine metal saw blade to cut the straight lines, either by hand or with a machine, having of course the hoop secured in a vice. Once this is done, just sand it with extra fine grade sandpaper. :-))
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Default Re: Need ideas on turning batter hoop into snare side hoop

Yep, should work fine, cleanup could also be done with a small fine hand file or small fine stone on a dremel tool.
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