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Default Some help picking new heads

As a christmas present i recieved a Sonor Select Force 14x14 floor tom, and will be getting a 10x6(.5?) as soon as its finished being made (both in red sparkle burst w/ black hardware. Looks amaaaaazing under lights). (Can't afford a $1.5k set at the moment, so the idea is to order one or two at a time til it's complete in a year or so, for those not interested in the plan, skip to next paragragh: 1) 14x14 and 10x6.5, 2) 14x5.5 Sonor essential snare and select 12x7, 3) 16x16, 4) 24x17.5, Final) 18x16 FT.)

Now the down side to these sizes is that the only other set i've had was Rock sized, so i can't try out any of my used heads to see how the sound will be. I got the floor tom tuned up pretty nice, then checked youtube for demo videos to see which was the most accurate based on the sound i was getting, and i noticed the 10 inch sounds pretty weak.
What i'd like are A) some suggestions on a head that will bring up the vollume of the 10 to not leave such a massive gap between it and the 14 and B) Less of a general boom, but still focusing on low end for the 14. I tune VERY low on top, (my old 13 generally still had a ripple or two), then match on bottom and bring it up a bit to get that nice pitchbend.
The heads i'm considering, (for either drum, thought they don't have to match) 1) G2, the old faithfuls, 2) Hydraulic glass, 3) EC2, i wasn't very impressed with them on the last kit, but it could've just been a bad match.
I don't generally like Remo, i gravitate nearly exclusively towards Evans. Not heard much good about aquarian, and not heard much one way or the other on Attack heads.

I'm headed back to college in about two weeks so money is a little(LOT) tight, i either need a for sure on one head per drum, or really strong argument for no more than 2 heads per drum.
True sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi27H...eature=related
Desired Sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKTu-K4J2rc

PS: Reso's are and will be Remo UTs for awhile, after that i almost guarantee they will be Evans G1 resos.
Also, i'll post a few pics as soon as the 10 inch comes in, i've not been seeing any love for the Select Force on here, despite everyone singing the praises of the 3007s
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Default Re: Some help picking new heads

More and more people seem to be switching to Aquarian, they seem to have a broader line of heads, they last twice as long and are about 1/3 less money depending where you buy them. Ive been using studio x and classic clear resos on my toms and coated studio x on snares and superkick with a regulator front head on my bass, I love the sound I get and cant seem to get it from any of the other brands.
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Default Re: Some help picking new heads

I almost always play a four-piece kit. With my Pearl kit I often use a 10" rack tom with a 14" floor tom. I have EC2 over EC Resonant on the toms right now. When the top heads get replaced, I am going back to G2 or G1. I have no problem with the volume with those two sizes.

Each drums sounds its best within a certain pitch range. If you insist on tuning so low, your drum may not sound its best. Drums sound much bassier out in front, especially if miced, than they do behind the kit. You may want to try Hydralics, but you may have to tune them up a bit to get any tone. Good luck.
Mark Wellman

Gretsch Catalina toms and BD / Pacific SX (snare) / Sabian / Evans / ProMark
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