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Default old tempro kit...

hi everybody. I lurk around here from time to time but haven't posted much. this is 3/4 of an old "Tempro" kit that my daughter and i saved and kinda refurbished.

the tempro kick drum was just too far gone...warped, stained, cracked,yadda, so we replaced it with a pearl export kick with a nice super kick head. it fits in nice.

the toms got all new pinstripes for the top and remo weatherking ambassadors for the bottoms with evans mini emad dampers. i replaced the old tempro tom mount with a new pearl mount so i could use it with the replacement kick.

the kick drum got an aquarian superkick II head with a remo flam slam patch. the resi side is a factory pearl head with a hole...rattle canned red.

i forgot to order the snare head before these pix, but it now has new evans heads.

there was a whole lot of rust on them... i had to replace a lot of rusted out screws and few broken tom lugs...so a few dont match so whatever...

there is an extra floor tom sitting with them right now just because i was playing them at home and i like 2 floor toms. its not part of the kit.

red crushed glass re wrap...or something like that...i cant remember what they called it. its just cheap wrap that looks good...nothing fancy. the original wrap was ruby red strata. i wish i could have kept it but it was just too cracked all over...the snare wrap was in great shape...everything else was taken down to the wood.

14x5.5 wood snare, 12x9 tom, 14x14 floor tom 16x22 kick.

we built these for my daughter. i have an old 80's pearl kit i will share some day. i wasnt expecting much out of them but with good heads...these old tempros sound nice. this little kit sounds great and was built as an AFFORDABLE starter kit. i only have a few hundred bucks in a nice little kit.

ill try to pre answer some questions...

no, i normally dont play with that many cymbals...just having fun. its a home kit, so we experiment alot and play around...yes its way too many cymbals...i agree.

yes, im not afraid to show some b8's...theres a variety of cymbals shown...the b8's that are in there are from the 80's. they sound good. i have quite a bunch of cymbals and this just happens to be what is set up at the time.

the hardware is a hodge podge of whatever...some tama some pearl, some pulse, etc...nothing fancy.

i just wanted to save part of an old 60's tempro kit...no biggie...nothing fancy, just a drum set.

comments welcome, i just felt like putting up some pix...hate it or love it...

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