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Old 12-01-2011, 08:40 PM
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Default MIDI Record Weirdness...Delayed & Scrambled (!@#$%^&*>?)


so...I'm recording the MIDI Output of my new Roland TD-9's into a couple of SONAR projects...& in the first project...I noticed that the recorded sequence was delayed. so I played it back (in session drummer)...& it sounded great...[but...it was obviously out of tempo w/ the remainder of the project's tracks].

then, in the second project...not only was sequence late...the MIDI notes sounded like they were randomly scrambled (like a 4 year old sat down at the kit & played).

my MIDI interface is an M-Audio MIDISPORT 4X4...(which always seemed to work well in the past). it's connected to my audio pc via usb.

so...i'm thinking:

A) [noticing that the official M-Audio designation is missing from my device selection list...(now reading 'usb device' as opposed to 'M-Audio blah blah')]...I need to reinstall the M-Audio Driver...???...(which I'll try now & report back this afternoon).

B) on the scrambled MIDI note thing...has anyone ever experienced that...??? could it be that session drummer got set up on a different octave for that project; & is outputting different drum components for the correct notes...??? if the notes are actually scrambled...what on earth could cause that...???

C) how 'bout the Roland TD-9's MIDI Output...that couldn't be screwed up, could it...???



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Old 12-02-2011, 12:30 AM
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Default Re: MIDI Record Weirdness...Delayed & Scrambled (!@#$%^&*>?)


everything now ok on the MIDI thing...reinstalled the 2009 M-Audio Drivers & it's working fine now [the 2011's were (x86)...& wouldn't install].

so now...the only issue I have is of an audio nature...monitoring via the TD-9's. I have the monitored tracks bleeding into the recorded track (when I also record audio from the TD-9's...my playback tracks are going out of SONAR on 5-6, into the 'Mix In' jack on the TD-9's...my L & R Outputs from the TD-9's are coming into SONAR on 7-8...& even tho I have 7-8 selected as my record source, I have 5-6 in that recorded track.

this has gotta be an internal TD-9 thing, as I checked my AI's config already). gonna open up the roland literature now.


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Old 12-02-2011, 05:23 AM
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Default Re: MIDI Record Weirdness...Delayed & Scrambled (!@#$%^&*>?)

I had some similar issues a while back.

After runing numerous tests, and having some other people run the same tests, the conclusion I came to is:

Modern computers process audio way faster than midi. Audio processing has come a long way over the years, while midi is still 25-30 year old technology.

So if you run midi from a module into a computer, the midi notes will be slightly behind the audio.

If you use the midi in the computer to trigger sound from the module, there will be a slight delay in the final audio you hear.

If you do both in a two step process, you end up with a longer delay.

It's just inherit in the process.

However, it's easy enough to shift the midi forward to compensation for the delay.
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