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Old 09-25-2011, 01:25 PM
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Default Drum mic gear

Hi All

Just after your opinions on what might be a decent "mic set" to use on my kit.

I am looking to buy a mic pack to setup with my 6 piece Delite kit. I have not had a lot of experience with setting up and using my own mic gear. Looking to buy something to be used for both live performance and also with home recording.

As far as budget goes I am looking at approx up to maybe A$600 which I am thinking will get me something that is half decent.

From what I have read so far there is a Shure DKM57-52 set which has 3 x SM57 plus 1 x Beta 52A and 3 x drum mounts. Has some half decent reviews.

There also seems to be some AKG gear that seems to get some good reviews.

Just hoping someone may have an opinion/thought as to what they have purchased/used that may be of some help.

Many thanks.

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Old 09-28-2011, 11:35 PM
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Default Re: Drum mic gear


my gear is in progress.
First I bought an AKG D 112 ... now it is selled.

My choice today:
BD: Beyerdynamic M 88 TG (yesterday AKG D 112)
OH: Beyerdynamic M 201 TG (tomorrow MC 930 and the day after tomorrow: AKG C 414 or Beyerdynamic MC 834 or Neumann KM 184, etc.)
SD: Shure SM 57 (yesterday nothing, tomorrow Beyerdynamic M 201 TG)
FT: Beyerdynamic M 69 TG (yesterday nothing)
TT: Shure SM 57 (yesterday nothing, tomorrow Beyerdynamic M 201 TG or like the wind blows anything else)

So, my philosophy is, better a few good mikes and every Christmas there will be an new one. I do not like mic-kits, the overhead-mikes are often cheap, the rest is often good. But the overheads are important, the rest ist just for support.

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Old 10-04-2011, 02:08 AM
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Default Re: Drum mic gear

I'm using:

Bass drums: Sennheiser e602 mounted on a Kelly Shu
Toms: Sennheiser e604
Snare(s): Shure SM57
Overhead: Shure PG81
Ludwig Drums; TaylorMade Golf Clubs
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Old 10-04-2011, 04:11 AM
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Default Re: Drum mic gear

I consider myself on a budget and collected mics I could use for alot of different things. So now I have a set of Shure SM58s and SM57s and a couple of good AKG pencil condensers for overheads. So if I'm miking vocalists, instruments, or drums, this set pretty much covers everything. I'd love to have that Shure flat mic for the bass drum (I forget the number) but then I'd have a mic that's only good for one thing ;)
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