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Default Best way to practice?

Instead of just looking at one drum perspective, I really want to practice almost everything in drumming from jazz to punk to rudiments to hand technique. How should I approach this? Should I work on all of them a little each day or master one at a time?

Oh and also, I been working on my traditional grip I like the feel of it and decided I am going to use it more often but I won't give up match grip all together. When I am working on Rudiments should I try with the traditional grip since I like it better or use Match since I'm better with match?

Thanks, -Adam
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Default Re: Best way to practice?

I'm the same. My approach (which is non-deliberate, it just happened) is working on what I'm interested in at the time. Just yesterday I spent about half an hour doing the double time punk beat at a range of tempos to a click, in that short time I was able to tighten it up a bit and develop a bit more control in the double stoke on the kick. Of course this comes after having played punk for a number of years.

I bought John Riley's bop drumming book and went hard on that for a few weeks, in that time I got competent at the basic swing pattern and comping rhythms. And now I have a small kit set up at home, if I want to practice later on in the evening, I can't be loud so I pull out that book and go through a few pages of comping rhythms. Just learning those basics greatly changed the way I listen to jazz, which in turn has improved my approach to playing jazz without actually spending a lot of time playing it.

So unless I need to get really good really quick, I just focus on getting the basics of each genre down and extend on that stuff when I feel like it. I'm actually working on soloing at the moment which is being quite fun. As for hand technique, if you feel yours is lacking then it should be worked on every day, same with coordination.
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Default Re: Best way to practice?

I'm all about doing little bits at a time. I really try and focus on the basics, and once I feel I'm comfortable with them, I move on to other, more complex ideas. My practice routine is also much longer than most other drummers I know, however, so I can take the time to perfect techniques as I dont really have time constraints.
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