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Old 07-20-2011, 05:52 PM
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Default best sounding clave blocks ?

hey all -

been struggling w/ a system that imitates an authentic clave sound when hit by a drumstick. i am wondering if you guys have tried these & which ones sound the most authentic like old rosewood claves being hit together ? looks like toca & pearl have some here:

+ http://www.google.com/search?q=clave...hop&hl=en&aq=f

some back story on this: initially, i am not looking to learn left-foot clave w/ a floor mount pedal (would probably go Hanzenfutz if that day comes) ala Antonio Sanchez. he uses the LP synthetic woodblock (red). i have a blue one, so many worst-case, that is my go-to. but really want that real clave sound.

i have had a few scenarios lately where i need to play clave w/ my left hand while i play time w/ RH, BD & Hi-Hat. typical examples are "Havana" from Guys & Dolls & "Save the Last Dance" by Buble. for Guys & Dolls, i actually used a gig tray where i taped one clave in the tray loosely & then hit it w/ the other clave. actually worked good sound-wise, but then i was hand-cuffed holding a clave in my left hand. with all the part doubling, groove changes & other drum-set stuff going on, it just does work that great. so really looking for a piece that sounds like a clave when hit by a stick.

the most common groove i am playing is 3-2 clave over 2 bars w/ hi-hat / ride patterns in RH, quarters on the Hi-hat and BD playing 1, "+ of 2" and 4 (for both bars).

appreciate any input - Geoff in Atlanta

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