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Old 07-11-2011, 08:04 PM
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Default ec2 sst on maple shells?

i' ve got my self a new drumset. It's a sonor force 2003 (9 plies / maple & basswood) and i want to buy new heads for it.

I'm an evans guy, so i was thinking to buy the new ec2 sst clear, in order to squeeze the sound from the shells

but i' ve read that they are not as good as they appear to be.

originally i wanted the evans ec2 clear, but they appear to be out of stock

so i was wondering... which are the best heads i could buy for my drumset to squeeze the sound of it???

Thanks for your help... i' ve always get great advices from this forum :)
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Old 07-11-2011, 08:19 PM
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Default Re: ec2 sst on maple shells?

I just put a set on Ec2 sst clears on an old sonor kit

I really like these heads but as far as "squeezing tone out of the kit"
they are not as toneful as say clear emperor's, evans g2's or the like

if you want a predominantly fundemental pitch void of most overtones
these are great for that deep pure "studio like" sound.

they tune up easy and seem to be fairly durable.
they sing nicely when tuned properly.

I like these heads a lot. Especially on the floor tom.

you can pair them with the evans resonant glass on the bottom for a brighter tone.

if you want more tone as in "overtones" I would go for the G2's or G1's
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Old 07-21-2011, 02:12 AM
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Default Re: ec2 sst on maple shells?

I bought the ec2 sst coated, they didn't have all my sizes in standar clear...seems to be they have a lot of demand.

As soon as they start loosing up a bit that "brand new tension".... they start sounding really great!!

Thanks for the advice..

hope next time i'll get clear ones
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Old 07-21-2011, 02:21 AM
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Default Re: ec2 sst on maple shells?

sounds like you dig the 2plys. If you want to squeeze a little more out of hearing the shell's tone, try the G2 Clears. Slightly more open than the EC2 clear. I ran G2 clears for years and switched to the EC2 clears to give me a little less resonance. Either head you choose will be easy to tune, last a long time and sound fantastic.
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