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Old 06-30-2011, 07:31 PM
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Default Drum Racks

I'll be buying a drum rack soon and have no idea bout them really. So, does it just come as the rack itself and do you have to buy clamps etc for toms and cymbals seperate to the drum rack itself?

If so, where do you get these things from and how much are they?

And, is there anything more I really need to know about drum racks or is this as in depth as it gets?

Thanks, IReverendX.
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Old 07-01-2011, 12:50 AM
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Default Re: Drum Racks

Normally, a basic rack (that goes across the front only) like this one comes with at least 2 mounting brackets on the cross bars and 2 on the uprights, for a total of 4 places to mount a cymbal or tom.

A larger rack that wraps around 3 sides usually comes with a couple more tom/cymbal brackets plus the ones on the uprights, but it depends on the manufacturer.

Gibraltar has one that is an in-between size, with a bar that goes across the front, and "wings" that fly off each side for cymbals or toms. That one comes with 4 tom/cymbal mounts and 2 on the uprights, for a total of 6.

No matter what, you can always buy more tom/cymbal brackets, they run like $20-$30 USD. The actual arms that the tom hangs off of usually come with the kit, but they can be ordered separately, too. Pearl, Gibraltar, PDP all make really good rack hardware, it's just a matter of preference. I like the square tubing on the Pearl ICON racks because I've had Gibraltar mounts slip (even ones cranked down super tight). Others swear by Gibraltar, so YMMV.
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Default Re: Drum Racks

There's plenty, you need to know ... and the reason you haven't had too many responses is ... the subject has been talked to death, here. Use the "search" function, and you'll see what I mean ...
But I'll leave you with a quick video .... http://diy.gibraltarhardware.com/ind...hardware-rack/
I used a Pearl DR-100 rack, for over 15 years ... and now I own two Yamaha hex racks ...
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