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Old 06-27-2011, 07:44 PM
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Default help with electronic drum kits, expandable?

long story short... i have an acoustic kit... but im gonna have to buy an electronic kit... i play in a band... and i kinda want to keep the same ammount of cymbals on my kit as i have on my electronic kit.... i have a hi-hat, 2 crashes, a ride, and a china... worst case scenario ill have to just live without the china... but itll be brilliant if i could include it

at the moment im looking at alesis... but if theres any other suggestions im welcome to them... and toms arent a problem i ussually have one hi-tom, and one floor toom
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Old 06-28-2011, 12:49 AM
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Default Re: help with electronic drum kits, expandable?

Hey hows it going

Im having trouble with my alesis kits cymbals choking,but its probably a setting tweak that I havent figured out yet.Waiting on an answer about it.

Otherwise its a good little kit.All the rims trigger on the toms,and snare,so that would cover any additional cymbal concerns you may have.I have one tom rim set as a cowbell,another as a china,and another as a crash.Snare rim set as rimshot.So you dont have to look for sets with 8 cymbal triggers.This set has you covered.Double kick works flawlessly.No miss hits.

If you did want to add more cymbals,the trigger i/o I have(studio kit)has one additional input,so I added one pintech there.I hear you can also use a y connector,and run a single output to two triggers.I havent tried it,as the rims trigger and that works for me.

picked up ezdrummer,and looking into superior drummer,or even drumkit from hell would do fine.Sounds great without the upgrades,im just after some extra sounds.

Hope that helps,good luck
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Old 07-08-2011, 12:24 AM
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Default Re: help with electronic drum kits, expandable?

Maybe too late for you...

I can't comment on Alesis, but a Roland TD-3 (older, $500 ish used) or TD-4 (the replacement for TD-3) will do what you need. These kits have basically 9 inputs (but one must be the hi-hat pedal). So that gives you 8 other inputs (drums) to play with. Although they are "marked" to be different drums you can make them sound like whatever you want. The kits both ship with 7 of the 8 inputs used, so you would have to buy at least one additional cymbal pads (you could use the tom pad as a cymbal if you don't want to choke it). The lower end roland stuff only has 2 zone ride (bell and edge), and IMO the hi-hat pedal thing sucks. But its certainly VERY serviceable. Also, at this price point, forget about dynamics on the roland kits. You hit the pad, it makes the sound, you hit it softer/harder, it makes the same sound.

Basically you could use the "free input" as Crash2 and one of the upper toms as the china. Go to guitar center and play around with one.

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Old 07-08-2011, 12:52 AM
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Default Re: help with electronic drum kits, expandable?

You really want to get either a Yamaha or Roland e-kit...personally, I prefer the Yamaha e-kits..to my ears they are a little more realistic and also more reasonable...if you not adverse to buying used (and your budget is under 1k), I'd look at a DTXtreme IIs or DTXpress IV special..
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